Sparkling Pleasure at Freestyler


A Balthazar of Moet is a luxury champagne that contains 12 liters of highly refined wine. In case you’re not aware, the 12 liters are equivalent to 16 standard 75cl bottles of wine. This sparkling white wine made from a blend of grapes, especially pinot and Chardonnay you can order at the club Freestyler. In winter season this bottle you can find at the industrial zone of Belgrade, at popular winter club Fabrika)

A Balthazar of Moet is regarded as the champagne of choice in lavish parties organized by Hollywood stars. Price is about 2.500 € and it’s ideal for other elaborate celebrations and is sometimes given out as a prize. This is the most expensive bottle of drink you can order in Belgrade’s nightclubs and nobody ever bought it.

Sparkling Pleasure at Freestyler - Belgrade at night