Stag weekend in Belgrade

STAG Event is held so that a men who are about to make a mistake can fully enjoy his last moments of freedom. This event is traditionally held on the night before the wedding. East Europe is famous place for these events. Less aggressive regulations and epic Nightlife made East the Home for the most sick memories in the life time. There are 3 major Cities at the East of Europe. Kiev, Budapest and Belgrade. Those who have been parting in Belgrade state that its was the best decision ever! Success is not only related to the destination though. You have to know where to go, how to enter, what to do and what not, where are the secret spots. Thats why BELGRADE AT NIGHT is there for you! Your new best buddy that will help you with organising EPIC Stag weekend in Belgrade.


WHY Belgrade?


Why some choose to do Stag weekend in Belgrade instead of other Eastern Cities? Ultimate reason is Adventure of the lifetime! Open Air River clubs, old factory that got in hands of artists! Romantic old fashionable Bohemian Street. Posh area with amazing restaurants where all the hot girls are hang. Walls that talk Street art. Day time with Bicycle around Belgrade Dorcol area all the way to the Belgrade Ada Lake. Hang on the street with ice cream from Crna Ovca. Sickest Parties that last till 5 am and then peoke go to after party and then again after party. Stag Weekend in Belgrade will be so much fun! You will enjoy it to the fullest! Make us help you. Contact Belgrade at Night specialists! Our Service is free of charge! Check us out on Trip Advisor. See what other have said about us!


Whats pumping in July might be flat in August

Choose the right dates! Come in the peak or high season only. Get an epic place to crash. Book best tables on time trough our free service. Get rest before head off to Belgrade.
Share with us what do you want from your STAG. Let us tell you where the best parties are at! What is popular and whats not. With us you will end up at the right place at the right time. Where to stay? What to do? Also what not to do! Where to eat and where to be. We are there for you guys. Whats app us any time: +38162337700

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If you ended up at this page that means that you have had already heard about city of Belgrade


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FREE service?

Yap, we are absolutely free service for our guests. We make money from the venues side!


Tips for successful Stag Weekend in Belgrade

So, are u ready to Discover Belgrade and party in the most popular places?

Start: Walk around Belgrade pedestrian zone ( Knez Mihailova and Kalemegdan Park), Visit  – Ada Ciganlia (Ride bicycle from the downtown all over Ada area (“ Belgrade Sea “ ) – Get in Paintball tournament over there,  If you are adventure seeker go to Climb on the Big Fake Rock on Ada or go for Wake Boarding.


HOT TIP: Get yourself a TIME to have a good afternoon NAP; you will need it for Belgrade Nights.


Where are the Girls Hang in Belgrade?


If you like to be surrounded with masses of good looking girls, then you will find yourself being at the right place in Beton Hall area. That Area is consisted with around 20 different restaurants, that overview the Sava River and Belgrade clubs. Your nighttime starts there not before 10:00 pm though. Get yourself a light meal and few drinks, and just before midnight our drivers will pick you up affront of the restaurant and take you directly and quickly to the Club that you chosen.

HOT TIP:  Dont get your self stuck waiting in lines to get in a club. Get in touch with us and we will take you in clubs fast and easy. Like Kings directly in to the heart of the party.



Belgrade stag Weekend

Be the KING before you make a mistake and get locked in marriage. Book Belgrade Stag Weekend with Belgrade at Night.



Remember all this we are managing for you is FREE of charge!


Meet people, have fun, enjoy you time and party hard! Day after, you can spend in a SPA, get yourself massage and drink a lot of water. Discover Belgrade trough our tips. Have a long afternoon nap and then go hard on your second party night.

OUR JOB: We are here to help you to have the best Stag Weekend in Belgrade.

Belgrade has so much to give!


Last few years Belgrade is popular destination for bachelor’s parties among people from all parts of the earth. During hot summer days you will  notice foreigners all over the city centre. Discover clubs in Belgrade on the easy way!  Guest List is the must! No entry if you are intoxicated. No Entry for sport wear.  VIP concierge team will help you with consultation completely FREE of charge. Recommendation for day activities in Belgrade? Adrenaline rush or just a a chilled day ay the Ada beach.


Things you might never knew they existed


People in Belgrade are super friendly and helpful. People say that Belgrade has left a strong impression on them. Brutalities architecture at one street and then Austro Hungarian style at another. Communism and Capitalism blended trough people faces, emotion and fashion. Rooftops of the old abounded factories. People are alive and city is so alive are just some of the usual comments. Hot parties, friendly prices, free entry, crowed ready to mingle and connect. Music goes all the ways. Depends on your preferences.


Belgrade stag

Splavs the Belgrade most known attraction. Open Air Rafts ready to Host party people.



SO! Who are WE? Who is the Belgrade at Night?


We are people that vibe well with everyone. Easy going, friendly and connected. Following party scene forever. Know both foreigners and locals. Know how to bland everything. Always giving trust wordy tips that may be the crucial in Belgrade Stag Weekend Experience. We are the guys that will make you to be the Kings of the night.  Belgrade is the big city when it comes to the number of places where to go out. Seriously. There are so many different things happening at the same time. We are well informed of the new places, new events, and where are the best parties.

Don’t forget, our service is free of charge; we will share our info and contacts with you guys, with no cost whatsoever. Yap! We know! We are AWESOME! 🙂



Stag weekend in Belgrade

Famous DJ Pepe is spinning over the magical Golden hour. Belgrade us THE Place!



Some ideas how to spend time during the day!


Summer or Winter? We would obviously suggest early Summer. Most of the interesting and unique Daily activities are realted with a nice weather.


Check out Nikola Tesla and Museum of Illusions


Fo some travellers museums could be a linear activity. In Belgrade there are several non typical and quite interesting museums that you can consider to discover! Nikola Tesla Museum is generally more for technology and physics buffs, but may also be of passing interest us an unusual locality for all the tourists. Gives the wide-ranging of Tesla’s inventions implicated in the modern world, not all of which are 100% positive (think of the reliance on radio technology in war and propaganda, or imagine an electric chair without high voltage transformers). The museum also has on display the urn with the ashes of Tesla himself! Next and the newest museum is Museum of Illusions. A great, interactive way to have fun and learn something new about optical illusions! They offer you an intriguing visual sensual and educational experience with a handful of new unexplored illusions. From kindergarten to groups of retirees Museum of illusions welcomes and entertains all age groups. You will have fun in eather of those two.


Visit Sava Temple


Some of Belgrade’s large churches form a part of a unusual tourist itinerary too. The top of the pick is probably the massive  Sava Temple located near the city center. Also known as Hram Svetog Save in Serbian or Cathedral of Saint Sava in English. It’s indeed an impressively huge white marble monumental building. The inside is still a long way from being finished but still impressive to take a look.  The central dome rises a jaw-dropping 70 m overhead! St. Sava Temple is considered as one of the biggest temples in Balkans and even world wide.


Discover Belgrade with Underground Tour


Marvellous tours! We are not speaking about regular historical tours. Belgrade Underground tour represents network of tunnels, bunkers, warehouses and galleries but also it’s much more secrets. It shows the remains of civilizations that left marks in Belgrade that cannot be found above the ground. During its long history our city has been destroyed and rebuilt again somewhere around 140 times. Yap! INSANE! Alot of secrets are still buried in the ground waiting to be discovered. Luckily some of them can be found in these system of tunnels. You can visit the Roman Well, military bunkers from Tito’s period, Austrian gunpowder warehouse and a lot of tombstones.


Back to the Past – Yugo Tour


EPIC tour is definitely the Yugo tour. You will ride with your guide in vintage Yugoslav Zastava car. You guys will visit all of those places and localities which represent symbols of Communist era. Today Communism in architecture reminds us of that time. Monuments of the history which are the part and trademarks of our capital forever. Find out interesting facts about former Yugoslavia. History, buildings and museums will fascinate you on this tour. Check Belgrade before democratic changes at the beginning of the third millennium.



Stag Weekend in Belgrade will not be quite accomplished if you do not go ahead and discover daily life of Belgrade!   more a Are you a hiking type of person? Is so, we have a treat for you! Just ten Km away from Belgrade there is Avala mountain. Shrouded in mystery and legend. Today its a favourite resort of Belgradians. Once a stronghold of powerful civilizations that were settled in this region Avala has always evoke the curiosity of people who lived here as well as numerous researchers from all over the world. The most popular locality is definitely the Monument to the Unknown Hero which resembles a rectangular classic mausoleum. It is primarily made from black marble. Monumental steps lead up to the hilltop location. It is located on a top of Avala hill. It represents a colossal memorial to the fallen soldiers of World War One and the preceding Balkan wars. Epic experience!


Make your weekend Unusual


Make unusual weekend. Relax and let it go. Go hard on the night and chill over the day. You are about to find out why are our clubs considered us the most popular ones in Europe and wider. You will check summer open air rafts. After party at 20/44. Get ready!


Get in touch with us on time!


If you call us the same night you wanna go out we cant guarantee you the best expirince! Belgrade is crowded with tourists and everyone know someone who know someone. For the best spots and best parties reach us in advance.

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