The BEST Striptease performance in Belgrade Serbia!

Striptease performance is commonly described as a slow, soft and sensual. Man and Women step by step undressed themselves layer by layer and tease in a sexual way. First thing First! BelgradeStriptease performance and Clubs in Belgrade are two completely different things. Recently there are a lot of Striptease places in Belgrade. Some are good and some are offering the awesome experience.

The best day to go for a Striptease

Weekends are super crowded in Belgrade. If you dont care you all set to go. If you are looking for a more privacy then week days would be better. Mostly show is going on after Belgrade Clubs close their doors.  Our Suggestion would be to go on Wednesdays or on Thursdays.

You are in a Gentlemen’s club so be a Gentleman


Keep in mind that girls that work as Stripers in Belgrade are a performance dancers. Not more than that. Dancers can be put off by your manners. Be polite! Nobody likes douchebag! Tipping is allowed and that kinda is reserving your place in a first row.

Prepare your budget

Hottest tip would be! Bring only cash and leave your credit cards at home. You will thank us later! This is the best way to control how much you want to spend. You dont want to get home and feel like you were robbed! Lets face it you will drink a lot and you may wave with your credit card asking for more! But morning after wont be pleasant as the night before!

Striptease Belgrade

Choose breathtaking Striptease Performance in Belgrade.

Striptease Club VIP & Black Rose Ušće

One of the best Striptease Experiences. At least these are how people review this place. They often host bachelor parties and they treat costumers on a most welcoming and professional way. Dancers are experienced dancers. Vey beautiful ladies. The Vibe is very nice. No issues with prices of drinks. Their Staff  is pleasant and kind. It might be just the place you are looking for. Check more about them on their fb.



Things you didn’t know about Striptease in Belgrade


Dont ask a Striper to often to get married to you. But! We do know for case where that actually happen. One of ten Stripers are most likely already married. Older Generation in Serbia thinks that Striptease is not a legit way of work. While younger dont see any issues with it. Stripers make most of the money from the tips. Most of the dancers are from a middle class families. Starting age is 24 years old. Its not allowed to date a costumer or to leave contacts. You probably know at least one striper yourself. There are more women employed in this exotic dance industry. You can communicate on english easily. Some of the even speak several languages.


Are there male stripers in Belgrade?


Yap there are. Not as many as female ones though. Striptease performance is visited by all different kind of people. Diffrent age groups and social statuses.


Belgrade at Night concierge team DOES NOT provide tour around strip clubs, but if u are looking for the most popular Belgrade clubs, then we will get you in the Hottest Party without waiting in lines, quickly and completely FREE of charge!!!

Additionally we dont guarantee for the your experience.