Summer Season 2020

Summer Season 2020, in this current situation around the world, Belgrade Nightlife Entrepreneurs, Singers and the rest of the Event sector suffered huge losses. Never the less, from the early start of the Corana, Clubs and Bars were closed and left more then 20.000 people jobless. Most of the people working in this sector as waitress, bartenders, managers, promoters, Djs, singers, event security’s and others, were living on their savings.


Corona Belgrade 2020

Corona Belgrade 2020


Recently government gave an opportunity for the Nightlife Sector to work during day time, and to follow the healthy protocols issued by government earlier this month.

On the another hand, without Tourists, Belgrade Nightlife is not working well at all. Tourists money in clubs, bars and restaurants make a big difference at the end of the night.

Belgrade Summer Clubs, or Belgrade Rafts are one of the biggest Belgrade attractions, and they gather much of the attention among world travelers. Definitely Summer Season 2020 is complete Fiasco!

As the situation is same at the rest of the world, in every single country out there, one thing is for sure, Event & Nightlife Sector suffered the huge amount!

Predictions for a winter are not great at all. Event and Nightlife Industry are concern what will come after the summer.


This online school thought us a lot and helped hips of people in getting a better job out there.

Check out a free class of the Nightlife Expert. Among other things, over there you will learn how to handle competition, how to handle drunk and intoxicated people and how to hire some right workers.

If u decide to get the Master Class, u will learn among other things how a bar staff steal your the profit.

In some Night Clubs after check up, and reorganisation, profit jumped up for 200%! YES, Insane, we know!



Back to the main subject, Summer Season 2020. Not much to say, except that we all hope that better days will come.

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If you are already in Belgrade, stuck or by the will, we suggest you to rent a bicycle and take a ride from 25 May area all over to Ada Lake and back.

You can rent a bike right on spot, at 25 May for only few euros per day. Make sure to ask for the best bike out there.

They will require your id, so make sure to bring some documents with you.

On Ada as you probably already know, u can enjoy swimming and having a lunch in some of the places around the lake coast.

Follow Belgrade Expats group on the Facebook and u might get new updates about Corona Situation and as well about traveling regulations.



Of Corse you can always enjoy traveling inside Serbia. Our Suggestion is mountain Tara, wow that place is magical, undiscovered yet and has a good local offers.

You can stay in local farmer families and having taking care off during your whole stay. Some of them does not speak English so make sure to take your Serbian Friend along or to top up your data so u can use Google translator.


Summer Season

Summer Season 2020