Hometown recipes

Hometown recipes | Belgrade at night

Hometown recipes What shapes us trough our childhood are many things. Place of birth, places we lived, family and last but not the least Hometown recipes. Same is with one of the brightest minds in our history, Nikola Tesla. Born and raised in the Austrian Empire, studied in Austria, worked in Paris, and after that he… Read more »

Top 5 museums in Belgrade

Top 5 museums in Belgrade | Belgrade at night

Among the all activities in Belgrade visiting museums is probably the coolest one! The most interesting one! Its a Activity that many foreigners do during their stay in our beautiful capital. The list of all museums in Belgrade is very long. It is not that hard to choose the unique one. The most interesting ones! Staying in Belgrade… Read more »

Top 10 Belgrade attractions

Top 10 Belgrade attractions | Belgrade at night

Belgrade attractions, some of those are well-famous among Serbs, but may be non-interesting for foreign tourists. Some Belgrade attractions are less important in cultural meaning but more interesting for strangers because they are usually looking for party destinations such as nightclubs etc. And Belgrade is right place for that. Bellow is the list of Belgrade… Read more »