World recognized DJ and producer Funkerman will perform on Friday the 11th April, in the popular Belgrade club Brankow. Constantly changing the style and pushing the limits of house music, but staying true to the funky sound, Funkerman is a producer of many hits such as Speed up, Push’em up and Falling in Love. On… Read more »

Belgrade VIP scene joined once again to help young Petar Pantic

Belgrade VIP scene joined once again to help young Petar Pantic | Belgrade at night

Belgrade club Mr.Stefan Braun joined Serbian celebrity people in another charity night last weekend. Goal is to raise money for young Petar Pantic who needs an operation. Belgrade VIP scene is always ready to get together and help young people. The finalists of the competition, “The first voice of Serbia ” Ivan Petrovic and Snezana… Read more »

Aki Markovic at charity dinner at the club Mr. Stefan Braun

Aki Markovic at charity dinner at the club Mr. Stefan Braun | Belgrade at night

Famous Belgrade club ‘Mr. Stefan Braun’ organized humanitarian VIP night with aim to help young Petar Pantic who has the inherent thickening of the right side of the brain and need an operation. With good house rhythms and charming staff, famous Serbian singer Aki Andrija Markovic joined the party and collected donations. This, once again,… Read more »

Clash of young DJs in the Belgrade club Mr. Stefan Braun

The fourth year in a row , the institution of good entertainment – Belgrade club Mr. Stefan Braun will organize a competition less-known DJs – ” Clash of the DJ’s“,  in order to provide opportunities for young artists who can also win great prizes . The second party in the competition was awesome, great atmosphere and… Read more »

Things to do

Things to do | Belgrade at night

Things to do …that list is very long, but one thing is for sure: you will NOT get bored! It’s the middle of the week and everyone is working, busy with their own stuff. But one thing is on their mind: where to go tonight? There are plenty of things to do in Belgrade, and… Read more »

Famous people at „Mr. Stefan Braun“ club

Belgrade club „Mr. Stefan Braun“ from time to time gives a chance for VIPs to show their humanity and enjoy the party at the same time. This time audicence was entertained by singers Marko Zujovic and Teodora Bakovic. Later that night, we saw famous guests such as Ognjen Kajganic, serbian handball player (who, by the… Read more »

Ace of Base at Belgrade clubs

Ace of Base at Belgrade clubs | Belgrade at night

Members of the well-known Swedish pop band Ace of Base have been seen partying at Belgrade club called “Dragstor play”. Member of the band, Ulf Ekberg, also known as Buddha, attended Friday party „The girl next door“ in this winter club. Thus caused big attention so serbian waterpolo players, who also have been there, were… Read more »