Tattoo Removal in Belgrade

Find out more about Tattoo Removal in Belgrade! Depending of the size of the tattoo and its location on the body, as well as the depth of pigment under the skin, there are different possibilities for their elimination. Tattoos can be removed surgically, which is the most common way, using only local anesthesia, and you will need one or several more treatments. After the surgical treatment you will have straight line scar, and the size depends primarily of the size of the tattoo, as well as its location. If you have tattoo which  pigment entered into shallower layers of the skin it is possible to remove it with so called dermabrasion (mechanically removing the superficial layers of the skin). Sometimes just one treatment its not enough to remove the tattoo completely, it can be just faded away on first appointment, and in that case, it is necessary to do the whole procedure again. In any case, the best time to do the procedure is in late autumn, winter or early spring, as newly emerging skin would not be exposed to sunlight, which can result in creating of dark spots. Standard treatment for tattoo removal is a laser  – without bleeding and there are no side effects. For this kind of treatment you will visit your doctor several times. Anesthesia can be local. Type of laser which is used in this procedure depends of the color of the tattoo (hardest colors to remove are red and yellow, easiest to remove are blue and black). Lasers that are specially designed for tattoo removal use the so-called Q-switching technique, which consists of short pulses with high energy. Should keep it on your mind that the removal of tattoos is more expensive than the tattoo itself. Think carefully before doing a tattoo, because none of the methods is not fully guaranteed, and the procedures are very painful and very expensive. Because of the costs, Tattoo removal in Belgrade is common among the tourists from Europe and wider. In Serbia, same procedure costs less than in most parts of the Europe, and they are done by the highly educated doctors. In this article we will recommend the most popular clinics:

Tattoo Removal

The best clinics for tattoo removal in Belgrade


Dermatim clinic was established by dermatology specialist Dr. Svetlana Djurisic, after eight years of professional experience at the Military Medical Academy – VMA, KBC Zvezdara and other, private institutions. Dermatological Clinic Dermatim was established in 2007 as the first private center for skin and venereal diseases and cosmetology in Serbia. The aim was to establish a center where in one place you can have all the medical services concerning the treatment of skin and non-aggressive method for aesthetic improve of your appearance. For tattoo removal they use laser treatments – alexandrite, ruby and Nd:YAG lasers.


Laser Center Rb

RB Laser Center is located in a quiet area of ​​New Belgrade and offers a wide range of treatments, among them tattoo removal of course. They use Q-Switch laser, which is one of the best in this field.  The working principle of Q-Switch laser is the same as with other lasers. Colored stuff, in this case the tattoo pigment absorbs the laser beam of a certain wavelength. Lasers work specifically- destroys just a tattoo-colored pigment.  What makes the Q-Switch laser different from the other lasers is that they have an extremely short duration of the laser pulse. In this laser, the laser pulse duration is measured in nanoseconds, and with other lasers, in milliseconds. In order to destroy the pigment, the main prerequisite is extremely short duration of the laser pulse. Laser develops a temperature greater than a few hundred Celsius degrees, which literally melts pigment and turn it into steam, and surrounding tissue is spared. Each pigment has a certain range of wavelengths which can absorb. Its among the popular tattoo removal in Belgrade places. 


Tattoo removal in Belgrade

Tattoo removal in Belgrade




Aesthetic Center “SKINMEDIC” was established in 2004.  Becomes known as the first cosmetic center  in the former Yugoslavia using  mesotherapy in aesthetic dermatology.  In 2007 started using the latest generation of laser tattoo removal, permanent makeup and hyper-pigmentation. Owner and  the main doctor of the Clinic is Dr Nevenka Dokmanovic. She studied Medical Faculty in Belgrade, and finished her specialisation in dermatology at the Central Scientific Research  of Dermatology Institute in Moscow.

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