Taxi in Belgrade

Budget, standard or VIP travellers, this page has been made to help you better understanding how to travel safely in Belgrade. Belgrade has two types of Taxis, legal and illegal and the biggest difference is price. Just to be clear, in 99% of cases you will not have a problem if you stop a Taxi on the street, but you should, always call a taxi! Calling a Taxi in Belgrade is better in more than one way:

  • the operator will tell you the unique number of vehicle, so you can’t miss it;
  • you can arrange payment with the card;
  • you can always ask for special demands (vehicles which accept pets for example);
  • most of the taxi companies give a discount regarding the call.

And there is always a solution, ask  a receptionist in your accommodation to order you one.

Or if your battery is dead, which happens often nowadays, ask your hotel concierge, club waiter or a manager, or even restaurant staff to call one for you.

Also, lately some of the companies use an application for scheduling the taxi in Belgrade, which is pretty easy when you are in unknown city.

Taxi in Belgrade

Belgrade Taxi Prices

There are 2 different Taxi rates in Belgrade:

  • from 06 am till 10 pm (start is around 1.4 Euros, and charge for kilometer is around 0.5 Euros);
  • from 10 pm till 10 am, on Sundays and holidays (start is around 1.4 Euros, and charge for kilometer is around 0.7 Euros).

Every taxi has a taximeter, so you will see at the end of the ride how much (amount is in dinars) you need to pay.

What you need to keep on mind  is that in Serbia and in Belgrade of course, we use local currency – dinar.  Tourists are easily get confused with that, but is pretty simple! Just divide amount in dinars with 120 and you will have an  idea how much would you spend in Euros!

There are around 30 registered taxi companies, and mostly they are all good. But of course, we wont write down every single one of them, we will just make a short list with the phone numbers to make your stay easier:

  • Alpha-Bell Taxi   +38111 19807;
  • Belgrade Taxi     +38111 19801;
  • Gold Taxi            +38111 19806;
  • Pink Taxi            +38111 19803;
  • Maxiss Taxi        +38111 19804.

As we mentioned that before, there are companies which use applications for ordering a taxi, for example Maxiss Taxi. Just easily download their app for android or Iphone, and start exploring Belgrade!

If you are going for slightly upscale car, a better vehicle (similar price as any other company) go for Lux Taxi  +381 65 30 33 123.

Doesn’t matter to which company taxi belongs, They will show up in 2 to 10 minutes.

If your battery is dead, which happens often nowadays, ask your hotel concierge, club waiter or manager, or even restaurant staff to call one for you.

The average price for Taxi transportation from your accommodation to some of Belgrade’s clubs, or perhaps from one part of the city to another, is always around 10 euros. Compared to other European cities, a pretty good deal.

Taxi at the Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla

It is always better to book in advance a transfer from the airport using our concierge VIP service, but if you find yourself in the situation  you couldn’t do that, do not worry!  Taxi at the Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla is easy to find. At airport you will find city service TAXI INFO desk, which is located  in the baggage reclaim area.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please take a taxi receipt at the information desk which contains the name of your destination and appropriate price for the taxi service.

Taxi in Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla

Uber in Belgrade

In this moment (written in May, 2018.) there is no Uber service in Belgrade. But, we have a Car:go. Ordering drive through mobile phones, makes everything much more simple. Professional drivers and recognizable cars offer up to 50% lower cost of transport compared to a taxi driver, as well as payment within the application, making it the first domestic application that enables the use of PayPal.



If you can’t  call a taxi, and you need to fetch one on the street, just keep it on mind that every single one of them needs to have:

  • a company board and unique number on the roof;
  • taximeter;
  • Registration plate with  letters TX at the end.

If you feel uncomfortable or get in a weird situation with a taxi driver, don’t worry, just write down his number plates (car number) and report the incident on:

+381 11 32 24 952 from 9 am to 6 pm.