Taxi in Belgrade

Budget, standard or VIP travellers, this page has been made to help you better understanding how to travel safely in Belgrade.

Belgrade has two types of Taxis, legal and illegal and the biggest difference is price.

Just to be clear, in 99% of cases you will not have a problem if you stop a Taxi on the street, but you should,

Call a Taxi!

Calling a Taxi to pick you up is the best option. It is very easy just dial +381 9801. If you want a better vehicle (similar price) go for Lux Taxi  +381 65 30 33 123.

They will show up in 2 to 10 minutes.

If your battery is dead, which happens often nowadays, ask your hotel concierge, club waiter or manager, or even restaurant staff to call one for you.

The average price for Taxi transportation from your accommodation to some of Belgrade’s clubs, or perhaps from one part of the city to another, is always around 10 euros. Compared to other European cities, a pretty good deal.


If you feel uncomfortable or get in a weird situation with a taxi driver, don’t worry, just write down his number plates (car number) and report the incident on:

+381 11 32 24 952 from 9 am to 6 pm.

Taxi in Belgrade