The best gyms in Belgrade Serbia

Before you pay for your membership find out all you need to know about the best gyms in Belgrade Serbia. There are around 50 Gyms in Belgrade. There are as well few open air places to work out. If you want to make new friends, socialise and connect then Gyms are the right place for you. Staff members in Belgrade Gyms are friendly individuals that love to welcome foreigners. Most of them speaks English fluently.


How Much Gym membership in Belgrade costs?

Prices goes from 25 euros per month up to 100 euros per month. Gyms that’s cost 25 euros are offering bit older equipment. You will get similar experience as at the more expensive ones. What does make the difference is location and parking space. There are few High End gyms that price goes up to 500 euros per month. Gyms in Belgrade offer better deals for the Yearly memberships and for the group deals.

Good to know: Some of the downtown gyms offers free pass for the first visit. Open air places are free of charge

Where to get some proteins after work out?

Google for restaurant Protein bar Belgrade. Check their reviews and food menu. Basically owners came up with an idea to offer protein meals for affordable prices. If you are to lazy or too busy to cook yourself then Belgrade downtown restaurants offer meals from 5 – 10 euros. If you want to cook then you will  find fresh fish at Kalenic or Zeleni Venac Flee market. On the Flee market you can get food prepared in advance. You will have to call the fish store 15 minutes in advance and your tasty fish will be ready waiting for you.

Prices are more then fair in Belgrade. Yourself and your buddy’s can get 1 Kg of fresh Salmon for 10-15 $ total. At Restaurant Ambar you will get tasty stake for around 10 euros.


Good to know:

If you need fast and trusted Laundry in Belgrade, we suggest you to check our page Laundry in Belgrade and find out where to get your things done. If you didn’t made it on time for the night out, don’t worry, check out some of the Shopping places in Belgrade.


17 Things you should and should not do in the Gym

  • Warm up


  • Get your weights to the place where you picked them up from


  • Clean the place of a workout after you done


  • Be polite and patient


  • Make friends


  • Use a towel


  • Use the right technique when lifting weights


  • Dont use phones


  • Work out hard


  • Dont life to much


  • Dont Grunt, breath with as less noice as possible


  • Focus on your workout dont stare in other members


  • Dont interrupt people working out


  • Dont walk over someones mat


  • Do not show up just before closing time


  • Dont come drunk


  • Dont be to laud


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Information about Belgrade Gyms


Extreme Gym Fitness & Wellness Center


 Extreme Gym is a recreational facility, which spreads in area of 1.600 square meters. Extreme Gym Have over 100 of the latest exercise machines, 40 cardio machines and 3 large rooms for aerobics and fitness. Offers to their customers a very wide range of services, substantiated in thirteen years of experience and has a position of regional leader in this field. Feel free to practice under the supervision of experts (trainers, instructors, physiotherapists and nutritionists), which are available at all time to the customers. Tailored for the professionals and all those who are fitness lovers – both recreation and sport level as well. Clients are offered that, on their own or with professional help, choose a program that is suitable to their needs and wishes. From 1999. until today, their success is more than evident.


Belgrade Extreme Gym

Belgrade Extreme Gym


Beogym (Fitness club & gym)


This club is one of the oldest fitness clubs in the city and it’s established in 1989. Officially registered as bodybuilding, fitness and aerobic club. Coach of the club, and also a competitor is Predrag Milosevic is a Multiple champion of the old Yugoslavia, the absolute champion of the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the 7th in the championship of Europe and the world. The Secretary-General  of Nabba I Wff Federation, International Judge and State champion in power lifting in 2008. Beogym is one of the most successful Fitness clubs in competitive bodybuilding and fitness in Belgrade. This club made a lot of top athletes and champions in this field.


Spin Masters


Gym and Fitness Center Spin Masters started to work at the begging of 2009.  Behind them is now more than five years of work experience, with full commitment to their customers. Today, Spin Masters gym and fitness centers are at three convenient locations in the city center. Facilities of Spin Masters will make you feel nice and cozy. This is just an additional stimulus for helping you to exercise more easily and achieve good and desired results. The gyms are equipped with all necessary devices and machines to help you gain a better shape, work on your personal definition and increase your muscle mass. Also, all of that which is necessary for having a good cardio program, you will find in Spin Masters as well. Coaches have completed the Faculty of Physical Education and have all the necessary expertise to assist you in everything you need. They are always there for you when you exercise, to assist or just to provide you with a necessary advises.


Sky Wellness


Why is Sky one of  the best gyms in Belgrade Serbia? Gym SkyWellness have  one of the best views in town. If you ever heard the amazing stories of the nightlife on Belgrade’s rivers, you will lose it when you feel early-morning or daily training with a perfect view of that same river ! SkyWellness gym is powerful, full of positive energy and is a favorite spot in town when it comes to quality training. Members and guests have access to the sauna, various body treatments and the services of a professional coach. Guests can use the equipment of famous Italian producers – Technogym.


The best gyms in Belgrade Serbia

On of the best gyms in Belgrade Serbia.


XL Fitness Factory

The Fitness Center is build according to the international standards. By many people of Belgrade this place is one of the best gyms in Belgrade Serbia. They offer the most modern ways for training, relaxation, losing excess weight, and body contouring, increasing muscle mass, building proportional and symmetrical muscle structure. This place is suitable for professional athletes as well as for the beginners or amateurs of all ages. Contained with the most modern equipment by famous manufacturers (Hammer Strength, Life Fitness, Panatta Sport and Stairmaster). Besides devices for body building, the gym XL Fitness Factory has professional machines for Cardio program, bicycle-spinners, steppers,  stairmaster, as well as a wide range of weights and various sports equipment. Gym has plenty of machines and benches for each muscle group, so that each of their members can choose a large number of devices for the same muscle group in one training. Your visit can be full and varied every time.


Active Life Health Club 

Health Club offers a unique concept of healthy living in this region. One of the best fitness clubs in Belgrade, with many amenities and services which are taking care of your health. In particular, they are the only club in the region that in the same space contains a private Health Institution. In The Active Life Fitness you can practice on cardio and strength machines or on some other exercise equipment as well. You can also seek for the personal training or to join in some of the “Les Mills” group programs. Your workouts can be raised to a higher level – try functional training on their IRON QUBE trainer.


Academy Kocovic

Located in the one of the most beautiful parts of the city, Zemun, Academy Kocovic, offers both personalized and group training at predictably affordable prices. The latter of those come particularly recommended, especially for those who sweat best when surrounded by the energy of a collective. That was the first gym, today, Kocovic Sports Academy has over 2,500 active users, who train about 25 different programs, at 6 locations.


Play Gym

Play Gym is located in the center of the city, at Savski venac. Gym’s program is based on modern methods that follow the latest advances in weight training. Regardless of your gender of level of physical fitness, they can offer you programs that are adjusted exactly to your needs for efficient exercise in pleasant surroundings. With the desire to raise awareness about the importance of exercise and its benefits on your physical shape, they have created pleasant environment. Play Gym offers modern exercise machines that will enable you to spend any excess energy, relieve stress and tension and shape your muscles. It is completely irrelevant whether you are in shape or not, you can still start training. With the expert advice of our staff you can lose any excess weight and tighten your body. They offer group and individual trainings.

What is better than going to the gym before visiting one of the most popular clubs in Belgrade? Or even better, to survive a hangover next day! In that case, first thing is to go to the one of the most famous restaurants in Belgrade and then hit the gym with full body strength!