The best party in Belgrade – Exciting and hot night is about to leave us speechless – ’90. are back!

As you know, the best party in Belgrade is on splav Freestyler! This club is known for great vibe, positive energy and fabulous DJs. One of them is DJ Vlada, who will take us back to the 90’s!

And there are, besides music, great movies! We will present you some of them with great songs


“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” (1991) is highly recommend on Imdb, and it is in the top 500. For those who like SF, they will enjoy special effect, because this movie was made in such way that can be looked at as works of art. But “You Could Be Mine”,Guns N’ Roses, is something really special about this movie! This song was not originally going to be the official theme of the movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger had the band members over for dinner at his own home to negotiate the deal.

“Romeo + Juliet”
(1996) it’s Shakespeare’s famous play updated to the modern suburb of Verona still retaining its original dialogue. It has worse rank – it’s on top 5000. But, song “Lovefool”, The Gardigans, is a song that we can hear on radio station, music tv stations, and parties! It became became the Cardigans’ first international hit single. Nina Persson wrote the lyrics to the song at an airport while waiting for a plane.

is a movie that we all watched at least twice! It’s released 1997, and on Imdb is in 500 top movies! “My Heart Will Go On” is the main theme song for this blockbuster, and it is Dion’s biggest hit. The main theme of the song being inspired by the song Flying Dutchman by Jethro Tull.