The best Serbian Beers

The BEST Serbian Beers! The Best Beer in Belgrade!


The BEST Serbian Beers! The Best Beer in Belgrade! One of the first things you will learn about Serbs is that we are THE BIG hedonists. We love our food, enjoy good music, we love good wine and beer, and most of all we love fun, fun, fun. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and the largest city, is known for its rich nightlife which is why it has a title “City that never sleeps”, “The New Berlin”, or as many would say “The capital of fun”. Once that you come here, you will enjoy in that parties that are held every day – from Monday until Sunday. They start at midnight and last until dawn. Variety is HUGE. It really is a city that has it all… Here, in this article, you will find some useful information if you are a BEER lover, and you will get to learn about the best Serbian beers.


  1. BIP brewery– Antique story, BIP is short for: Beogradska industrija piva slada i bezalkoholnih pica, is the oldest Serbian brewery. It was founded in 1839. by industrialist Djordje Vajfert, who was leading it until his death. In addition to a range of beers, the brewery produces soft drinks, vinegar, and yeast. After bankrupting in 2015. it was sold to Macedonian investors and re-branded. Currently they have a new brand – Kvas, unfiltered beer.


The best Serbian Beers


  1. Apatinska pivara – brewery with long tradition of few centuries, and currently among leading ones in Serbia for their dedication and love to their work, known for high quality of their beers. Some of their most popular brands are Jelen pivo, Jelen fresh limun, Jelen fresh grejp, Jelen cool, Apatinsko pivo, Niksicko pivo, Niksicko tamno, Staropramen, Lowenbrau, Beck’sand Stella Artois.


  1. Carlsberg Serbia – another one among currently most popular breweries in Serbia. Known for many brands as Lav pivo, Lav premium, Tuborg Green, Carsberg, Merak, Budweiser, Guinness, Erdinger, Holsten.. those are just some of them. It is also important to mention that they are producing many ciders, too. They are known for following new trends in making beer, but also respecting old tradition, known for dedication and innovations.
The best Serbian Beers


  1. Heineken Serbia – In the heart of Heineken’s success, there are pure, natural ingredients: barley malt, water, hops, with a secret ingredient called A-yeast. The unique A-yeast in Heineken Beer is responsible for rich, balanced flavors and subtle fruity notes according to which each Heineken beer is different from the 19th century. Over the years, their main breweries continued to improve their craft. They have learned that the fermentation of their beer in horizontal oil tankers instead of the vertical crates standard for the industry creates the perfect pressure for our A-yeast. This is what gives each Heineken beer a characteristic balanced, rich taste. Make sure to try it and enjoy!
The best Serbian Beers


  1. Kabinet pivara – Passionate gourmets and beer lovers, the couple Kosar and Branimir Melentijević, in the desire to offer a quality craft beer to the domestic market, were set up by the Brewery Cabinet. On the slopes of Kosmaj, in the village of Nemenikuće, a modern brewery was built in which the finest, unfiltered, unpasteurized beer is made. The brewery started operating in February 2014., and the preparation of the project itself lasted for two years. They offer different beer with different tastes from what you are used to. Some of their brands are: Citra, Bastardo, Brka, Vertigo, IPA Cascade, Supernova, Plavo, Porter, Wit, Mikkeller Vista. It’s a must try once that you come to Serbia! Their goal was to pay special attention to labels and free design. They wanted to give the artists great freedom of expression. The reactions are great, it seems that buyers are consuming a world-class local product with pride. They say that their customer is a person who values integrity and wants a specialty.

People in Serbia more and more decide to produce Craft Beers themselves!

The production of craft beer is slowly gaining momentum in Serbia! More and more people are going to produce beers in this way. What do you think is the reason for that? We agree that craft is slowly but surely becoming more popular all around the world! People still know how to recognise quality and crave novelty. So far KABINET is among the first ones with this style of a beer. KABINET is unfiltered and unpasteurised from the finest hops and malts like any other craft brewery in the world. Others small and bigger entrepreneurs are following this steps. Having their own dream. All with a same goal to produce The best Serbian Beers!

Planing to produce Craft Beers in Serbia?


Smart idea! Land is affordable! Its East to set up a company. Easy to get licences. Not to much money for good work you get. People speak english. Easy access to EU and big Russian and Chines markets. You might need goo legal advisers as well as good local contacts. We are on your service for any questions you might need.