The best Serbian Beers

The BEST Serbian Beers! The Best Beer in Belgrade!


Same as anywhere else around the Globe in Serbia as well you will find Regular and Craft Beers. For those who dosent know the difference here is an easy explanation. Main difference between Craft Beer vs Regular Beer is that the mass-produced beer is purposely watered down to make brewing cheaper. On the other hand Craft Beer focuses on the bounty of flavour overall quality. But hey! Regular Mass Beer companies in Serbia are doing an awesome job as well! They take care of its quality more than ever. There is a huge competition on the market out there. Quality and the Taste are the main reasons why costumers buy a beer. Study have shown that price is the last reason for a purchase. So! In the awesome Belgrade Nightclubs you will find the best Serbian Beers. Beside local beers there will be posh Foreign ones as well. Both Local and Foreign will be the High Class offer. In Belgrade Traditional Restaurants you might find only Mass Local. In the cool places trough out the city you will find amazing Craft beers. Overall you will love Serbian beer culture!


The List of Beers that you would be insane not to try while in Serbia!


The list is made realistically. First at the top does not mean it is at the first place. So read the whole article to meet the best Serbian Beers.



Notice: The list from top to bottom is put up randomly


Salto Craft


The best beer in the World is produced in Serbia. At least that is what the Ultimate World Beer competition decided. In the UK to be precise in London in the competition of more than 3000 beers from 52 countries Belgrade Craft Brewery Salto won the Award for the best beer in the world in the category of black beers. Salto Stout beer is the name of the beer that got this prestige award. There were more than 200 judges from all over the world. Salto was absolute the favourite. Why not to order a bottle while cruising trough Belgrade? Check more about them on IG.


The best Serbian Beer Salto

Salto Craft is made by Creative Serbian Entrepreneurs inspired to promote our Country with the Unique taste and Good Quality.

Kabinet Brewery


We personally love the taste of the beer they produce. Kabinet Craft Brewery support young designers in Belgrade and they take care of their visuals. Their awesome design is very easy to notice. In the February 2014 on the slopes of Mountain Kosmaj in the village of Nemenikuće this interesting brewery was born. Some of their well known brands are: Citra, Bastardoa and Brka. Reaction of Serbs and Tourists on Kabinet beer is great! So far Kabinet won many Awards. We highly recommend you to try Brka while cruising around Belgrade. Check more about them out their IG.


Brka Serbian Beer Kabinet

Interesting microbrewery with a magical location. The view from the brewery is stunning. Kabinet.




Apatin Brewery


Apatin Brewery is the BIG game player! One of the oldest Breweries in this region. They have team up with the USA Molson Coors. Since then they are leading in mass production and quality. They are famous for supporting Serbian Festivals and Nightlife. People in Serbia love Apatin Brands. Each brand is carefully designed and smartly addressed to a different social group in our country. Brands that you might find on Festivals, Bars and Clubs are: Stella Artois, Corona, Becks, Bavaria, Jelen, Staropramen, Apatinsko i Niksicko.


Carlsberg Brewery


Super Famous LAV is the official beer of the Serbian national football team. It has a nice golden colour and a distinctive malty taste. As you can tell from the photo LAV means LION on the local language. Carlsberg brewery based in Backa Palanka is majority owned by Danish Carlsberg Group since 2003. Order a LAV while in Belgrade and you wont regret it.



Who serves the Coldest Beer in Belgrade?


These are the places that will treat you well. Quality Cold Beer is Guaranteed. Under each place you will find follow link to their Social Medias. 

Notice: The list from top to bottom is put up randomly


The Black Turtle Pub

During hot Summer days Black Turtle is the Sunset place. Cold tasty beer, fair prices and epic view over the river. One of the favourite places both for Tourists and Locals. They have several pubs around the city. Our recommendation is the one on the Kosancicev Venac with the beautiful view.


Samo Pivo

Just getting there is an adventure for itself. Going trough the hallways full of Graffitis. Prehistoric Staircase that dose not work.  Samo Pivo is the Belgrade Expats favourite Beer place. Everything about this place match expectations. This is the place where you can socialise with locals and tourists. Tasty beer, Minimalistic style, Huge Balcony space, Downtown located and good service. Check them out on IG.


Belgrade Brewery Samo Pivo

Belgrade Beer place to be. Samo Pivo.






Beer Lovers is the must see place! Fantastic place and great craft beer! Straight from the entrance you will notice that Dogma is an Artistic place. Industrial style, big bar and self service. Our tip is to go there when you are hungry. Beside Beer you will find a good food as well. Plenty of parking outside. Very Much Recommended!



The best Serbian Beer

Small Craft Brewery committed on making special hoppy ales using the high quality natural ingredients.



Random Fun Facts



RIP of BIP Brewery


This headline is actually not the name of the Brewery. Rip really stands with the Goodbye. BIP was leading Brewery in the last century. It used to produce the best Serbian Beers. Survived world wars when was party destroyed. Once incompetent management took over they fully bankrupt this iconic place. There is to much History and Politic involved in this story. This place will stay in our best memory. If there is a chance that you could get a hold of a bootle somehow just do it. For the whole story about BIP ask your Beer loving Serbian buddies.

Hedonism in Serbia


Traditional food, Fashion, Tons of coffee and Epic Parties during the week days. Good wine and beer, adventure and fun, fun, fun. You will not regret visiting Belgrade, The City that never sleeps.

Planing to produce Craft Beers in Serbia?


Smart idea! Land is affordable! Its Easy to set up a company. Not to hard to get licences. People speak English. Easy access to EU and big Russian and Chines markets. You might need to get a legal advisers as well as good local contacts.