The Best Serbian Wines

Serbia is the European country located in the southeastern Europe, in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. Serbs are known as passionate people, we are known after amazing hospitality, for being very emotional, very joyful, traditional and with huge cultural heritage and long history. Another fact about Serbs – we are hedonists. Our country is known after many traditional dishes as Sarma – made of cabbage and minced meat, Prebranac – dish made of beans and usually with meat added, Rostilj – different meat products, or Ajvar – kind of salad, specialty that comes from South of Serbia, made from red paprika, and many other traditional dishes. Production of wine is increasing each year, and since 2010, an annual international wine fair is held at the Belgrade Fair, named “Beo Wine Fair”. Harvest season in Serbia begins in July, and ends in October (last grapes for wine making). In this article you will find some useful information about our wines, and list of some of the best Serbian wines and wineries. And did you know that in Serbia there are around 700 different kinds of wine?


  1. Winery Aleksandrovic– located in a small village of Vinca. This part is known for viticulture and winemaking. Their tradition is long, but following new and modern technology. They are also engaged with wine tourism with over 15000 people annually visiting the winery either individually or as part of a group. They are open for wine tasting. They have a space that accepts 60 people at a time. Some of their most famous brands are Trijumf, Trijumf Barrique, Oplen, Harizma and Varijanta, but they have a lot more to offer, so make sure to check it out if you enjoy a glass of good wine!


The best Serbian wines Aleksandrovic



  1. Winery Zvonko Bogdan – located in Subotica, at the North of our country. For their wine they say it’s authentic and recognizable, impeccable and high quality. The winery was found in 2008th and ever since it was following modern trends but also respecting old tradition of wine making. They were named after famous Serbian singer – Zvonko Bogdan, known for his traditional songs. Their wine is made from grapes from their own vineyards, and you can also check their wine out on their wine tasting tour.


The best Serbian wines Zvonko Bogdan

Zvonko Bogdan



  1. Jovic Winery– located 10 kilometers away from Knjazevac, in the village of Ravna. It’s a family cellar with long tradition that has been kept through generations. They cultivate grape varieties: Vranac, Cabernet Sauvignon, Muscat Hamburg, Chardonnay, Rain Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. The quality of their wine has been confirmed many time through many prestigious awards. Their tradition of wine making has started in 1987, and until now they have capacity of the cellar 130,000 liters. Visit them and enjoy the taste of their wine!


The best Serbian wines Jovic



  1. Acumincum Winery– located in Stari Slankamen, only an hour away from the capital, Belgrade. what is special about this winery is the ambient. It is on located on banks of Danube river. At the very heart of the winery lie remains of a Turkish bath. It’s a truly splendid place to sample some wonderful wine. Except for tasting the wine, you’ll have a great opportunity to learn more about Serbian history led by an amazing guide. It’s an experience you definitely shouldn’t miss once that you come to Serbia!


The best Serbian wines Acumincum



  1. Winery Despotika– it is located near Smederevska Palanka, in Sumadija, part of Serbia covered with forest and wild nature. Their desire is to promote rich Serbia culture, tradition and cosine along with amazing high quality wine. It’s attractive to visitors for several reasons, a very popular tourist attraction in Serbia. They can offer you international varieties of Muscat Ottonel, Riesling, White Pino and Pino Noir. Make sure to check it out!


The best Serbian wines Despotika