The Best Serbian Wines

Some people travel to discover new cultures and places. Others like adventure out to admire landscapes an to drink a good wine! This would be easiest way to explain the term Wine Tourism.  Serbia is located in the South East of Europe. In the heart of the Balkan Peninsula. Serbs are known as passionate people. We are also known after warm hospitality. Friendly reception and treatment of guests. Also known for being very emotional, very joyful and sometimes to much traditional. Another fact about us – We are Wine Lovers. This article is put together to help Tourists to get to know The Best Serbian Wines.

Did you know that there are nearly 70,000 hectares of vineyards in Serbia?


The 4 classification of Wines

Different types of Wine are made for different occasions.

  • White
  • Rose
  • Red
  • Sparkling



Beautiful Vineyards in Serbia


This is the guide to the most interesting Wine Stories in our country. 


Notice: List from top to bottom is made randomly.


Traditional technics with a modern technology. Join the journey trough the most Beautiful Wine Stories.




Zvonko Bogdan


There is a reason why Zvonko Bogdan Winery is one of the most famous wineries. This Winery uses the most modern technology that creates Wines of excellent taste and Prestigious quality. The wines have a very authentic taste and are often made from fruit components. The whole area around Zvonko Bogdan looks like you are in the middle of a Fairy Tale. You will notice breathtaking lake Palic. The Winery building itself  looks Impressive and Imposing. It has been built in an authentic and recognisable style. The Winery was found in 2008th and ever since it was following modern trends but also respecting old tradition of wine making. Check out more about their Wines and Wine Tours on their Facebook page.

The best Wines in Serbia

Zvonko Bogdan is Located in the far north of Serbia. Winery is breathtaking sanctuary on the Palic lakeside. Arrive at the beautiful building surrounded by the vineyard and you’ll feel transported to another world.

Winery Coka


The production uses an old recipe, modern way and contemporary technology. They manage to archive an annual production of about 6 million litters of wine. The winery is especially recognisable by Zdrebčeva Krv on English Stallion’s blood.

They are doing an amazing job with impressive 150 hectares of the winery occupied by vineyards and another 150 are under field crops. They are authentic with a bottles of Wine style. Easily to recognise on the shelves. Wine that is especially popular is Leader Sauvignon Blanc. For more interesting info Follow them directly on their Facebook page.


Coka the best Wines in Serbia

The origin of the Coka Winery comes from the Lederer family cellar. Arthur Lederer built this magnificent cellar back in 190. It is still considered to be one of the most interesting underground cellars in the region.




French Winery

There is an interesting story behind French Winery in Serbia. Owner is the Frenchman Cyril Bongiro. Him and his family are truly committed to produce the quality Wine. They are famous by Organic Wines of the extraordinary Quality. The grapes they grow are free of harmful ingredients and without additives. Owner claims that Village near Negotine where is his Winery is the most beautiful place in Europe. The Wine produced in this Serbian small village are successfully exporting to France. Owner say that they are one of the best European Wines. Check more about this story on their web page.



Serbian Wines

The story of a French family in the small village in Serbia that produce and export high quality wines is told in a documentary The Promise. Scenery for the film is written by Željko Mirković and produced by Dušan Gajič. Since its release in 2016 it has garnered eight awards in international film festivals.


Vineyards Draskovic

Vrsac Vineyards stretch along the southeastern edge of the Pannonia Basin and include the foothills and slopes of the Vrsac Mountains. The climate of this area is very much suitable for the development of Vineyards. The symbol of the city and the entire region are sweet and beautiful grapes. Over the time they has become a trademark of this city. Wines originating from Vrsac are highly valued and popular throughout our country and region. Book a car rental in Belgrade. Take some time off and pay them a tasty Visit. Check them out on Facebook.



Amazing Serbian Wines

Draskovic Winery has an impressive and long history of production and cultivation of a high quality Wines.




Winery Matalj Negotin


Negotin is a romantic town located between Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. There is so much potential in this region. Good Climate and skilled Entrepreneurs made a magic. From the Winery they say: The love for winemaking, perfecting the skills that are passed down through the generations, and mastering modern knowledge affirm our desire to share the fruits of personal investment with all true admirers of wine. More on their page.


The Best Wines

Gratitude and commitment to the cultivatable land of Negotin, shaped through decades of nurturing the family tradition of making wine, are the foundations on which the Matalj Winery was founded.




Winery Plavinac


During visit to this Winery we suggest you to try their specialties. Merlot, Rose and Smederevka. The winery Plavinac manages to produce over 30,000 litters of wine each year. Quality Vs Price is amazing. Wine prices are affordable. They goes from few Euros onwards. Check their web page for more details. The name comes from the vineyards that once stretched through this area. Since the grapes were sprinkled with blue stone, after the work was done, the whole area turned blue, hence the name. It all started in 2010, when a hobby in the basement of the weekend house turned into a real small factory of tastes, smells and colours.



Winery Jovic


Located 10 kilometres away from Knjazevac in the village of Ravna. It’s a family place with long tradition that has been kept through generations. The characteristics of the previous grape harvests were preserved in their own archive established in 1987 in the old family cellar. The quality of the wine is confirmed by the highest awards, gold and silver medals from international fairs and wine festivals. They proudly came up on the market with: Chardonnay, Vranac Potrkanjski, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose Dionysus, Rain Riesling and Sauvignon.


Best Serbian Wines Jovic

Sunrise at the Vineyard. The quality of Jovic Wines is confirmed by the highest awards.



Acumincum Winery


Quite Interesting place indeed. Located in Stari Slankamen on Banks of Danube river. Its only an hour away from the capital of Belgrade. The house in which the Acumincum Winery is located is protected as a cultural monument. Project and Reconstruction of this place where is Winery now has been made by the team of the project studio proAspect. Team was led by Serbian eminent architect Vladimir Lojanica. The project was awarded at the 37th Salon of Architecture. Team behind Acumincum project claim that Wine that they produce is not common in this region. Check their Winery and interesting story behind it directly on their web page.



The best Serbian Wines

Within the tasting hall of the Acumincum Winery you will find remains of a Turkish bath (Hammam) built in the 16th century. Very well protected remains have withstood the time and events that marked this area for over 450 years. Pay them a visit and try one of the Best Serbian Wines.




Winery Despotika


Hight Quality Wines made from the best grapes from their own vineyards. Despotika Wines have won prestigious awards at international competitions in Vienna, London Sofia and Bucharest. Winery is located near Smederevska Palanka in the northeastern part of Šumadija not far from our beautiful capital of Belgrade. Team is using the experience inherited from their ancestors. They say that in combination with modern knowledge they want to show the better side of Serbia. Check Out more about Despotika.


The best serbian wines Despotika

Enjoying beautiful Afternoon at Despotika Vineyards.


Winery Lastar


Winery Laster produce one of the best Serbian Wines. Key of a unique taste comes from its location and climate. High clay content in the soil brings minerals and a wide spectrum of aromatic matter. Soil profile up to 7 meters in depth contains five different layers. Behind their success there is a 10 years of hard and dedicated work. With a good team they overcame difficulties and reached the international awards. Check their story on Facebook and their web page.


The Best Serbian Wines Lastar

Indeed its a Beautiful view. Lastar Winery aim to produce high quality Wines.


How to Choose a Good Wine in Serbia?


We have mention in this article some of  The best Serbian Wines. Beside that here are some good tips how to choose a good wine:


  • Ask a waiter for the recommendation
  • Don’t stress over the age of the wine
  • Ask your local partner for a recommendation
  • Salty food is the perfect partner for a sweet Wine
  •  Foods and Wines from the same region go along



The 8 common Types of Wine


  • Pinot Gris – Goes with poached fish, salads and light cheeses


  • Riesling – Goes with pork, chicken, duck, turkey, cured meat and Thai food


  • Chardonnay – Goes well with shrimp, crab, lobster, chicken and pork


  • Sauvignon Blanc – Goes along with Serbian, Mexican, Vietnamese and French dishes


  • Zifandel – American, Chines and Indian Dishes


  • Pinot Noir – Cured meats, soft or nutty cheeses, cream sauces


  • Cabernet Sauvignon – Goes well with lamb, smoked meats and aged cheddar cheese




 Good to know


From a liturgical perspective Wine takes us way back in the time where it was steeped in religious symbolism. Moments of celebrating and praising the Gods. Nowadays Wine plays an important role in bringing people together.


Once you book your ticket to Serbia check the places where to stay. Airport Transfers and Taxi Services. Enjoy the taste of the Serbian food and order along a glass of the best Serbian Wines. Bring good vibes and smile along. You will have an epic time in our beautiful country.