The coolest things you can do in Belgrade

Belgrade the capital of Serbia is a city with a wide cultural heritage. There are many things to do while you are visiting: day activities, great museums, theaters and other cool things you can do in Belgrade!

During the day

Belgrade is a city which is located on a confluence of 2 rivers, Danube and Sava.  And during the “water” season (which is from April till October), there are many great to do activities, while you are visiting our capital! Cruising around the rivers is always great option.

Snajka is a multipurpose boat-catamaran with open platform and inward suite. Front and back decks, with apartment part, constitute a single unit room of 70 square meters for entertainment. Check our lake named Ada Ciganlija, there are many sport facilities there (football, tennis and golf court, rugby field and many others), but the most popular is wake-boarding. Probably the second most popular activity at lake is rollerblading and riding a bicycle. You can rent a bike wile you are there, and explore even wider! We suggest cycling route to the part of the city known as 25. Maj where you can find one of the greatest buildings from communist era.  At the Ada lake, you will also find one of the best restaurants in town – Smokvica. On warmer days you can relax in the very special garden that is decorated by fig trees, while you sip on some homemade lemonade infused with fresh peppermint, it is without a doubt the best in the city. For all the skaters out there, there is a skate park located near the Brankov’s bridge, on the New Belgrade side of a town. Entering and rolling is free of charge.

The coolest things you can do in Belgrade


For all museum lovers, there is a newest museum in town! It is a hot spot for all the tourists and residents of Belgrade. Interactive and modern museum is everything you can find on Instagram this days! In fun and educational way, you can learn new things, and it is suitable for all age groups.

If you didn’t know, Belgrade is a capital of ice cream culture. Crna ovca (translation: Black Ship) is one of the most popular brands of ice cream in Belgrade. They made a good balance between urban and traditional. If you are a Ice Cream person, you should try some of their unique and tasty products.

The coolest things you can do in Belgrade

Museum of Contemporary Art

During the night

Check out sunset from Kalemegdan Fortress, it is a walking distance from the Belgrade busy city centar. History, culture, scenery and beauty is what you will find inside the walls of the Kalemegdan Fortress. The view is breathtaking, and perfect for a romantic date. If you feel hungry, no worries, you will find some of the popular Belgrade restaurant over there. One of the most popular ones is the restaurant Kalemegdanska Terasa.

If you are not sure, or can’t choose the restaurant and cuisine for yourself, then Beton hall area is perfect for you. At the line up on the river bank, you will find bunch of restaurants, and among them the most popular are, Ambar, Toro, Hush – Hush and Sakura.

The coolest things you can do in Belgrade

Beton Hall

After the Sunset and a nice dinner things start to speed up in the capital of Serbia. There are the 2 great areas in Belgrade: Savamala and Cetinjska street. During the recent history, Savamala becomes partly mainstream place, but still, it is best known as an art colony and hipster like place to be. You can find fusion of urban and underground in one district. One of the best ones are: Ben Akiba, Jazz bastica, Corba Caffe, and KC Grad. Cetinjska street is the heaven: Polet, Zaplet, Kenozoik, Elektropionir, you have to check those places out!

The coolest things you can do in Belgrade

Savamala District

After meeting Belgradians, teaming up with other party souls, you will find out why our capital got the name the “Small Berlin”.

Every day of a week, there is something going on! Good to know: No matter when you are visiting Belgrade, you will find yourself surrounded with plenty of a party offers! Don’t forget that Belgrade has two types of the clubs: Winter and summer ones. Winter type clubs are located mainly in the city center, and Summer ones on rivers, also known as splavs.


Don’t forget to make new friendships and party hard while you are in Belgrade.