The Interesting City

The Brutalist haven for party hedonists. Co Work worshipers temple. Unique Street Graffiti ART. Interesting culture and History. You probably have seen to many Hollywood movies about the Eastern Europe. Shady, Dark and Gray. But there is one movie that you haven’t seen yet. Its called the Reality of the interesting city of Belgrade.


No City?


No City in Europe has enchanted travelers quite like Belgrade. Belgrade is half the size of Amsterdam; But still manages to pack countless adventures into a small package. Summer Attraction Splavs brought so much attention to the capital. No entry fees and good looking girls / guys. Wild parties dancing on the tables. By The Guardian Club 20/44 has been declared as the best club in the world. Ancient Culture of Serbia, Monasteries and a thriving CO WORK scene draw travelers to the city. One of the kind place where hedonists, party seekers and digital nomads can all find something to enjoy. Belgrade has the Wild Nightlife. Nightclubs are either Luxury or Alternative. People go to the gym on the regular bases. Girls often do small fixing with Plastic Surgeries. Some gone wild on this and looks like ducks. But not all, don’t worry. Serbian Beauty can be found anywhere.

Did you know?


Belgrade has long been the center of Happenings in the Balkan Region. Capitol of Croatia Zagreb is still behind with the party scene, but south of the Croatia is leading in the last 5 years. Beside good nightlife that Croatia South Sea Side has to offer, Country it self is popular by its amazing Natural Beauty. If you visiting Belgrade from a far away we strongly suggest you to check out Croatia City of Dubrovnik and Split. You can go there by rent a car from Belgrade or u can take an easy and short flight.




Donji Dorcol Area

If Belgrade City Center is too busy for you we suggest you to move south to the Donji Dorcol area. Its all nearby, Population of Belgrade is only 2 mil people. These days Belgrade is the heart of contemporary Belgrade culture & art. Long history of Singidunum has not been forgotten. Interesting blend of medieval towers of Kalemegdan fortress the most popular Park area in Belgrade. This all make Belgrade super cute city and place to explore.


What can I expect from Belgrade?



Belgrade is the interesting city. Interesting in meaning that you will experience unexpected.  Mix of the History of the East and West. Ottoman Empire influence and Austro Hungarian made this area super unique. Brutalist architecture from the area of Communism and Visantian stile of architecture made it even more funky. Things went so far that Belgrade Nightlife exploded with a party people traveling to from all over the world. You will notice that graffiti’s are everywhere and that they are covering every single façade in the city. So much emotions on the walls. People feel like they are keeping what they want to say for ever and a way how to express is trough the street art. Walls talk in the capital of Serbia. You can book an unusual tour and find out what graffiti’s mean. There are some of them that are romantic some are about soccer and some are very philosophical. Did you know that there is a beach in Belgrade. Beach is located all around the Lake. Ada is the name. You will find people doing bicycling, skates and playing Volleyball. Some do extreme sports as Wake Boarding and Bungee Jumping. There are a bunch of  Restaurants at Ada lake. You can feel the breeze just 10 to 15 minutes from the city center. Check out more about Beton hall area, Belgrade Waterfront, Knez Mihailova, Dorcol Area, Savamala and Cetinjska street. If you need any assistance about the interesting city whats app us any time. We would be happy to share hot info with you.