The most popular words in Serbian

Serbia is the beautiful European country that has been connection between West and East for centuries. It’s the place where different cultures and civilizations met and mingled. The capital, Belgrade, is the biggest city in the region. City with population of almost 2 million people. Belgrade, “City that never sleeps”, some might say “The capital of fun” for all of our parties that are held EVERY SINGLE DAY, from Monday until Sunday. Our nightlife is wild; variety of parties is HUGE. Each night you can choose between Kafanas – ( clubs with Serbian Live music ), or Splavs – our famous clubs on the rivers. Serbian people are hedonist, we love our food, we love our wine, and what we enjoy the most – having fun and partying HARD. Serbs are very friendly, very easy going and very hospitable. If you’re coming to Serbia – make sure to learn some Serbian words. It can be fun and useful in the same time.

popular words in Serbian nightlife

One of the first words everyone learns, and definitely a very useful one – Ziveli! It means cheers and you might hear it quite often pretty much anywhere you go.

As already written, Serbian people are very friendly, so as soon as you arrive to our country you will surely get to know a lot of new souls. Tell your Serbian friend – Nadjimo se kod Konja. “Kod Konja” literally means by The Horse, and when you either hear someone saying it, or you tell it to your friend, it means “lets meet at the Republic Square”. It’s a place where Belgradians meet each other. Useful information, and your friends will find it quiet charming that you know it.

popular words in Serbian trg

One of the first things you’ll learn about Serbs – we are very passionate when it comes to food. It is one of the things we are known for – delicious specialties. Make sure to learn at least some of our dishes, and try them definitely! Cevapi – dish made of meat, Burek – it’s a kind of pie, you can find it in any bakery, usually made with cheese or meat, Sarma – traditional Serbian dish made with cabbage and minced meat, Pljeskavica – Serbian burger.

“Nemoj da sedis na hladnom betonu”, it’s a phrase that many mothers and grandmas will say. In literal translation it means – Don’t sit on cold concrete. Doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you were raised in Serbia. It’s something that all of us born here learned ever since we were children. Mothers would warn their children not to get cold. Not very useful, but still very charming and funny while you’re with friends.

“Gde veceras?”, if you’re spending your holiday in Belgrade, you will find this phrase very useful! Belgrade is known after parties that are held everyday. Our nightlife is CRAZY! “Gde veceras” means “Where are we going tonight”.

The main street in Belgrade is Knez Mihailova. It is located at the heart of the city. It’s the main shopping and pedestrian area with constant buzz of all pedestrians and many artists that are selling their work right there in the street! One kilometer long, it’s the shortest route that connects Terazije with Kalemegdan park and fortress. So, it might be useful to learn “Kako do kneza?”, because in case that you get lost, this will be your main orienteer from which to start.

popular words in Serbian knez