The Second season of “Fabrika”

The Second season of “Fabrika” is what people in Belgrade were waiting for. Not an easy start of the winter. Summer clubs decided to close earlier due the weather. Cold winter began earlier then usual.


Why Fabrika?

In about three weeks from now  one of the latest clubs in Belgrade nightlife scene will kick off. Fabrika is gonna go hard this winter. After fabulous first season club has decided to make it even harder to just pop in front of a club. Yap was very difficult to enter the first year.  Its now a homework for you guys. Prepare yourself for upcoming season. Book your table in advance. Book your place for a bar in advance as well. We are here on your service. For free and quick we will put your name in a guest list. Be on time for a reservation please. If you late there is a chance that you will ruin your night.


There is one thing we can say for sure, you will be delighted to see it!

Follow the Belgrade at Night for the Nightlife news. There will be more openings ahead this winter. Follow the news about the New Years Eve parties in Belgrade.


The Second season of Fabrika

The Second season of Fabrika