Theaters in Belgrade

Belgrade is a capital of Art and History. At the same time home for party go getters and digital nomads. Old and Classy and Modern and FURIOUS. During centuries in between worlds our cultural heritage become recognisable. Here in Belgrade we have annually over 11,000 theatrical performances, exhibitions, concerts, performances and cultural programs. Theaters in Belgrade host some of the most fascinating shows out there.


What does Foreigners love?


After asking quite a few Expats who lives over here we found out that Operas are the most common choice. Very often amazing comedies are not on the top of the list for many due the language thing. Opera, Ballet and Musicals are the favourites.



The most famous Theaters in Belgrade


There are 5 Theatres in Belgrade that we would highly recommend you to visit.


National Theatre


Opera La Traviata and Puccini’ Manon Lescaut. Price of a ticket is super affordable. Around 3 Euros per person. Amazing production and a Show. This beautiful building represent our city. It has been founded at the second half of the 19th century. Located on the Republic Square at the corner of Vasina and Francuska Street. When it comes to Opera this place is our personally favourite.


Theaters in Belgrade

National Theatre.



Good to know: 

In 1868 National Theater has been born. Belgrade back then has been only one step on the path of its development. Back in 1968 there were three faculties, one full and one incomplete high school,  higher school for women. Then National Library, National Museum, National Reading Room, First singing society, the State printing office, and that was a time for first emancipated theater. It had 2 stages, and you could see performances of drama, opera and ballet acts. Nowadays this is the place where you can book your seat and enjoy in world class Opera performance.


Theater Pozoriste na Terazijama

Theatre on Terazije is kind of a Broadway style theatre. It is absolutely considered as one of the best Theatres in town. Located in Terazije square in the heart of the Belgrade. It is still the only theatre in Serbia which exclusively produces musicals on Serbian versions of Kate, Chicago and Kiss Me. However all musicals are in Serbian including songs. You can get tickets bought online and their price will be around 10-20 euros. Actors and dancers are very motivated and you can see they love their job. We recommend you almost all shows. Our favourite is Cigani Lete u Nebo. There is nothing like this theatre out there. Exactly all you want from a perfect event out. High quality evening either begins or ends with one of their shows. Indeed Professional Singing, Acting and Choreographies.

Good to know: Pozoriste na Terazijama on local language means Theater in the Terazije Street. It is the only musical theater in the whole region. It was established on 23 December 1949. In the first twenty years of existence the repertoire consisted of operettas and comedies. In the 60-ies of the last century they performed first licensed musicals: “Oklahoma” (1966), “West Side Story” (1968) and “Kiss Me, Kate” (1969). After more than 280 premieres, Terazije today is positioned as an authentic cultural institution whose performances annually host more than 80 000 visitors. In the last ten years as one of its programming strategy, “ Terazije “ implemented a training program for its artistic staff in cooperation with the magazine “Orchestra” and the American school “The Jacob’s Pillow. Check more about them while in Belgrade.


Yugoslav Drama Theatre


Landmark of Serbian contemporary culture scene. We personally adore this theater. Amazing architectural and repertoire. Relentless in upholding cultural diversity even in the darkest times. For every recommendation! Prominent theatre, modernistic architecture, monument which remind on Yugoslavia period. Its overwhelmed with legacy, talent and aptitude. There is a nice small park outside. On Walking distance there is a small pedestrian square with a good coffee. You will find good drama performances over there. Few times a month they have performances with subtitles in english. Entrance is adjusted for disabled people. They are amazing. Check them out while in Belgrade.


Good to know: Theater “ Jugoslovensko Dramsko Pozoriste “ was founded in 1947 as the representative theater of new Yugoslavia. Actors from Zagreb, Novi Sad, Sarajevo, Split, Ljubljana and other cities were invited to perform. The first performance was played back in the 3rd April 1948, and it was a piece of Ivan Cankar, “Kralj Betajnove”, directed by Bojan Stupica (Famous Yugoslav artists). Theater was burned to the ground on 17th October 1997. Apparently due to an error in the installation. The theater was rebuilt into even better place.


Little Theatre Duško Radović


If you are an Expat with kids living in Belgrade this is the place for you and your family. Beautiful children’s theater with inspiring shows. A real kingdom for little ones. This is the place where your kids will experience fairy tales and enter the world of imagination. The theater is in a great location. Check them out.



Theater Madlenianum 

Madlenianum Opera and Theatre is the first privately owned opera and theater both in Serbia and in Southeast Europe. Extremely pleasant and nicely equipped space with excellent ventilation. The interior is outstanding. Stage is wide, great lighting and sound system. The theatre looks fantastic. Seats are comfortable. Stage is absolutely visible from any seat. The price of the ticket is around 10 euros.


Good to know: Opera and Theater Madlenianum has been founded in 1998 as the first private opera in this part of Europe. Yap! Belgrade is awesome! Founder and donor is Mrs. Madlena Zepter whose investment in culture represents the largest contemporary art patronage in this area. MADLENIANUM is organised as a model of a new stage for musical theater in our country without its own ensemble but with a permanent organization and administration apparatus and the technical team.

Take a Cultural tour around Belgrade


Beside Theaters in Belgrade we encourage you to visit National Institutions of Culture and Art. Such as Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences. National Library of Serbia and the National Museums. Take a walk to Kalemegdan Fortress. City of Belgrade is founder of more then 30 cultural institutions 12 theaters, 8 institutions for protection, 4 libraries, 6 cultural centres and Galleries. There are cultural events such as FEST, BITEF, BEMUS, BELEF, International Competition of Music Youth, Festival of Documentary and Short film. Then October Salon, Joy of Europe, Belgrade Book Fair, Sopot Film Festival, Belgrade Jazz Festival and so on.