Things that we miss when we leave Belgrade




At the first place among the Things that we miss when we leave Belgrade is a Food. Burek, Cevapcici, Proja, Domaca pita, those are just few among the 10 Things that we miss when we leave Belgrade. In Belgrade at every corner there is food for anyone’s taste. Its good to know that food in Serbia is considered as the tasty one. Also its considered that you might get some extra kilos if you stick around the Belgrade for a while. Burek can be found at the any corner. It’s so tasty isn’t it? Our favorite one is Burek with white cheese. WOW! We don’t go every day for Burek. Reason is simple we try to stay fit as much as possible. You probably miss Proja that only old Granys know hot to make. Or Pita sa Visnjama. Cevapcici for Lunch.  Its just amazing how much good food you can find around Belgrade. Do you miss Salas and Serbian Village?  No Gmo food on markets. Real tasty food out there.




Things that we miss when we leave Belgrade

Things that we miss when we leave Belgrade






Serbian Slang can be funny. Really Funny! Jokes that only you can hear among our people is what is missing living abroad. Popular Series like Otvorena Vrata always cracks us up. We are lucky enough to live in the time of technology.  Youtube and Online platforms are giving us feeling of being closer to our country then we really are.






Old Building in the downtown has this smell of old and wise. Its not really possible to describe. Its a smell of the nature. Smell of the Belgrade Downtown. Smell when you walk at the river side of Danube and Sava. Belgrade as the other cities have this unique smell that you miss when you are not there anymore.



Family & Friends


This is the hardest part among the Things that we miss when we leave Belgrade. You are never an complete person when there are no your love ones. Social medias with technology helps us to connect but that will never be good enough. Having a Sunday lunch at your family house. Having a coffee at the Belgrade downtown with your kinder garden friends. Going to party hard with your neighbourhood buddy’s. Romantic dinner with a beautiful Belgrade Girl that you just met. Those are just few of things that cant be really fully replaced out there in a foreign country.






Amazing food venues, Cafe bars in Dorcol and Splavs. What about Kafanas? Serbian Local Tavernas. Amazing downtown Belgrade Restaurants? What about Celebrating Slava and New Years EVE parties in Belgrade. Dancing on the tables and listening the songs that you grow up with.






Danube and Sava. Growing up next to those rivers is making our childhood special. If you never had your own small shack at the river of Sava probably your buddy’s did. Spending weekends there. Fishing and BBQ at the river. Bring a lot of memories.






To be honest, Serbian people as other Slavs are not the kindest people out there. But, when it comes to Hospitality Serbians are at the top of the list. Yap there is a fundamental difference between Being Kind and offer a good Hospitality. People is Serbia know how to Host you. They are experts of making you to feel like part of their family. Sometimes foreigners find this pretty much bizarre.



Public Transportation



Do you miss standing at the heath and cold for ever? Waiting for a buss that might come or might not. Do you miss standing in a half destroyed bus with other 1000 people? If you do, then you really miss Belgrade Serbia. Only THE MOST desperate ones will miss this torture.

Public Transportation in Belgrade and Serbia is Better now then 10 years ago though. Still is way behind European Standards.





Visiting Pijaca on Sundays. Food markets with Serbian Villagers. Good Taste and try it for free. Good prices with buying directly from a local farmers. Supporting your own farmers. Its amazing experience visiting Serbian Pijaca. Do you miss to carry Ceger ( big bag ) from Pijaca? Its a experience full of emotions.