Things to do in Belgrade

Things to do in Belgrade!


Belgrade can be discovered on many ways. You will feel vibration as soon as you arrive to the downtown. There are many ways how to team up with a cool locals and have the best time ever. Knowing the right people is the key. If you get invited to a local birthday event you will discover Belgrade on a very interesting way. Like in any country in the world that you have visited  you wanted always to do something special. Something unique. Something that you haven’t tried so far. Epic things hat you will remember for your lifetime. There is a list of Things to do in Belgrade that will shake you up.

First of all lets be realistic; there is no unique formula of things what you guys did or still didn’t do. We can not be sure what you think is hip or what is boring for some of you.

That’s why we decided to make this page Things to do in Belgrade. This page should help you or better to say direct you to find it out yourself. There is so much to do in Belgrade.

Page is made from the quick and interesting interviews from people that loves and know Belgrade in the soul.

Also from the people that have visited Belgrade and that have shared their personal experience of Things to do in Belgrade.

tings to do in belgrade



The New Life Adventure! Belgrade!

If you want to know bit about History and some other cool staff in Belgrade go for Belgrade Attractions. If you are looking where to go out check list of the Belgrade clubs.

Check our awesome list of activities in Belgrade, and unusual activities in Belgrade.

Looking for a new adventures and Things to Do in Belgrade? Looking for unusual places, meeting new people and meeting new traditions? You should definitely consider Belgrade “city that never sleeps”. Belgrade has so much to offer no matter if you’re a night or a day person. Take your passport and bring along good vibes! Here are some ideas about things that you can do in Belgrade.


Walking around Belgrade!


If you enjoy long walks find Knez Mihailova street on your Google Maps. The Main Street in Belgrade, in the heart of the city! Street where you can find anything u want! From shopping malls to underground street art, galleries and museums, restaurant and bars. Take your walking shoes on and start a journey through one of the most beautiful streets. Wandering around could be quite interesting. Dont worry you will not get lost. This is one of the things that you could consider when it comes to Things to do in Belgrade.


Things to do in Belgrade Knez Mihailova


Ice Cream Adventure!


What is life without small joys as ice cream? Once you’re in Belgrade make sure to check out Crna Ovca. Cozy place with delicious home made ice cream might be just a perfect way to spend a delightful afternoon with your loved ones. Fun fact – they have over 150 amazing tastes! Do you think you can manage to try them all?


Things to do in Belgrade Crna Ovca


Przionca Coffee Experience


Are you bored of regular coffee places? Looking for something different, something “less usual”? Try out Przionica! The entire space is open and accessible to encourage discussion and education about coffee. It is located at Dobracina Street, Dorcol. Place is famous by good coffee and it is mostly visited by local hipster crowed. By the way Its a Hipster Heaven.


Stand up and Paddle


As you can see we decided to go deep. Not magnifying usual tourist things. Have you ever tried Stand Up Paddle Board? If you haven’t maybe it’s about time to explore Belgrade rivers. Cross one more thing from your “to do” list. You will find our nature breathtaking. In Belgrade you will face 2 amazing rivers. Danube and Sava are so beautiful. Take your sunglasses with ya. Get ready for a some workout. Paddle hard supper fun times are ahead.


Things to do in Belgrade SUP



Get Wet DUDE


Get Wet DUDE! Obviously only on Summers! While talking about water one of the things you should definitely  try out in Belgrade is Wakeboarding. Wake and Ski you will find on Ada Ciganlija Lake. On the edge of nature located only 15 minutes away from the city center. By The Way Ada is one of the most attractive locations in Belgrade. Its a First Class Tourist Attraction! Ada is unavoidable sport and Things to do in Belgrade complex. Water skiing center on Ada is open during the whole season. But Boarding season starts on 1st of May and lasts until the beginning of September.


Things to do in Belgrade water skiing



Feeling Fine in 79


How does a tour through the city in old timer cabriolet sounds to you? Great? Well, in Belgrade it is possible to do tour around Belgrades downtown. Rent some of the epics old timers, and enjoy beauties of the city with wind in your hair, reliving the spirit of the old times!



Nightlife Tour


Belgrade is commonly known as “The New Berlin” or “city that never sleeps”. Belgrade surly has to offer much when it comes to parting and the nightlife. Once that you arrived in Belgrade make sure to check out our clubs. Consider to party with a style. WhatsApp us on +38162337700 for exclusive nightlife experience. We will provide you a table in the heart of the party, no waiting in a line to get into the club. You will get fireworks for your table. Bottles of premium drinks. You know where to find us!




Spa Time


After you have been parting hard dancing all nigh long what you need is to relax and restart. Day in the spa sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Take bathrobe and slippers and just relax. Let yourself lose all the negative energy and just enjoy life.



Need for Speed


Have you ever tried carting? If not, this is definitely the time to do it. Let the adrenaline rush through your body while speeding! Take your friends and make a fun race with them. You can also rent a go pro camera and have your little adventure recorded.


Things to do in Belgrade karting




Again we talk about food. Did you know that Belgrade is famous after our delicious food and amazing specialties? Once you’re in Belgrade make sure to try Pljeskavica – a meat dish after Serbia is known for. Add some Ajvar on top to make it super tasty. If you didn’t know  Ajvar is the most famous food specialty over here. Its some kind of salad made of paprika.





Rakija is a Serbian alcohol brand. You can find it in any Serbian home. Every housewife knows it’s being served among with coffee as a welcome gesture. Visit Rakia Bar to taste the spirit of Serbia. Rakia Bar is globally unique bar concept in which the finest fruit distillates are always served with creative, expertly paired food, in a contemporary setting that is sure to delight your senses.



The Museum time

Nikola Tesla one of the greatest minds in history.  He is known as an inventor electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist. He is well  known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system. Belgrade has a museum dedicated to his life and work. One of the places that you have to visit while cruising in Belgrade.





If you are coming from a big and polluted city. Get yourself lost in Belgrade Nature. Looking for peaceful oasis in the hectic city? Belgrade’s beautiful botanical garden Jevremovac is what you might need to discover. It’s an exceedingly pleasant place to picnic, stroll or just loiter under any of the shady trees. Be sure to check out the Victorian-style greenhouse and the tranquil Japanese garden.






Avala tower is the city guardian. Its a Belgrade landmark. It was destroyed in the bombing of 1999 and a new Avala Tower was reconstructed and officially opened in April 2010. It’s 204.68 m high an hour away from the city center. It is located in the heart of the nature. It offer an amazing breathtaking view. Make sure to visit Avala Heights. One of the coolest decisions among Things to do in Belgrade.



Old Fortress


Kalemegdan is Belgrade’s central park and fortress complex lying on a hill. Overlooking the Sava and Danube confluence on the eastern side of the river Sava. Besides historical it also has archaeological and culture meaning. Take a walk buy some souvenirs and enjoy its beauty.



Jump from a Height


Would you like to do something extreme and exotic? Something that involves adrenaline rush? Well then bungee jumping might be just what you’re looking for. In Belgrade you can find it on Ada Ciganlija lake.



Touring around


Tours through the city can get pretty tiring or sometimes even boring. Belgrade can offer you something completely different. Check out alternative and underground tours. Get in touch with us: +38162337700





Another alternative tour that you might find interesting is definitely the helicopter tour. Wondering how does Belgrade look from a bird perspective – well, you can find it out really easy. Contact us to book tour of your life.


Not to touristic


Zemun is one of the most beautiful parts of Belgrade. Gardos tower has the view of the whole city, it’s amazing and mind-blowing. It’s the place you want to add to your “to visit list”.





Skadarska Street commonly known as Skadarlija. Its a vintage street in an urban neighbourhood. Its a located in a bohemian part of the city. Preserved from all times in its full former beauty. Located in the city center. The place where you can enjoy some of Belgrade’s best restaurants with the glass of wine and nothing but positive energy and good vibes.




Funny and Lovely


Museum of Illusions is one of the newest museums in Belgrade. It became a tourist hot spot very quickly! In fun and educational way, you will find out a lot about optical illusions!






Hram Svetog Save (St. Sava Temple) is one the most popular tourist attractions in Belgrade. It is located at Vracar plateau, and it is considered as one of the biggest Orthodox churches in the world. It is dedicated to Saint Sava, first Serbian Saint, known as “The Enlightener”.



Kosutnjak Forest


Kosutnjak forest – it is one of the most romantic places. In the heart of the nature, only 20 minutes away from the city center. It’s the  place for jogging and working out. Google for Ski Staza Kosutnjak. This place has one of the nicest sunset views over the Belgrade.





Public Aquarium and Tropicarium – the setting is intended primarily for children to get acquainted with the colorful nature of the living world of our and tropical waters, forests, rain forests, deserts and cold seas, but it also might be interesting for all of your nature lovers.




Republic Square is Belgrade’s central square and main gathering point for the locals and visitors alike. If your Belgrade friends tell you to meet them in the city center, more precisely at ‘the Horse’, this is the place they’re talking about.



House of flowers

House of flowers, the resting place of Josip Broz Tito (1892–1980), the president of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and his wife Jovanka Broz (1924–2013). It is located on the grounds of the Museum of Yugoslav history in Dedinje, one of the oldest parts of Belgrade.



Untouchable Nature


Make sure to visit Great War Island, possibly with boat tour and meet its beautiful untouched nature, flora and fauna. Notice: Name of War Island does not have anything with what this place offers.



Climb on tables


Grab a coffee with a friend in one of many Belgrade’s cafeterias and then hit a bar to warm up for some of our night clubs. At Freestyler Club u are allowed to climb on sofas ( Vip table ) and to party as hard as u can.


What ever you choose to do you will have fun. Peak season starts in May and last till the end of the August. Get busy around New Years as well. Our tip would be to Expand your horizons with being ready to mingle. Keep a smile on your face and make a new friends.

Things to do in Belgrade? Contact us for a free reservations- best night clubs, Belgrade restaurants and lounge bars. Drop us an e-mail or just give us a call, SMS, or whatsapp us on +381 62 33 77 00.


Owner of Freestyler Vladan Tomovic - Buki

Belgrade Club Freestyler

1. I’m in hospitality industry and owner of one of the best clubs in the city, so clubbing will be my first and favorite thing that I would like to mention.

2. Beautiful girls are synonym for Serbia and city of Belgrade.

3. Our food, culinary specialties, and generally our cuisine is great and delicious.

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Club 94 Owner Rales Kamagres

Belgrade Club 94

1. Girls in the city – Belgrade is a city with the most beautiful girls in one place. Whether it’s a promenade, restaurant or club, maybe just you will experience one of those strange moments – when unknown cute girl looks in your direction, you turn around and no one is there, and in that moment you release what a charmer you are = classis men ego power boost.

2. After party food – Belgrade has enabled clubbers a chance not to go hungry in bed, by allowing them fast food. Pizzas, grill, MCdrive are places that mustn’t be missed after the night out.

3. Meeting people – anytime, anywhere Most of the young people will be glad to chat with unfamiliar (and on first looks similar to themselves) people, and together continue having a great time during that day or night, and sometimes during the whole life.

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Club River Owner Srecko Cirovic

Belgrade Club River

1. Tales of wise residents about Belgrade

2. I enjoy listening to stories of people that moved to Belgrade ages ago

3. I like all the streets that have been walked over by my parents so that they could achieve right on 2 pensions 🙂

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Club Lasta Owner Pero Di Reda

Belgrade Club Lasta

1. People from Belgrade are direct, polite, great hosts always ready to show the best of the best to their guests.

2. Summers in Belgrade are perfect, and places in city such as Banovo Brdo – Ada & Kosutnjak and pool on 25th are ideal for sports and for relaxation.

3. I like summer clubs that reflect the urban spirit of Belgrade – Lasta, 20/44, Povetarac, Letnji Bitef, Freestyler, Terassa, Svemirska Kafana…

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Co Owner at Mikser Garden Marko Savic

Belgrade Club Terassa

1. I really respect Belgrade underground electro scene. With great memory I remember club Industry and beginning of Belgrade electro sound.

2. I love my neighborhood, Center of the city, Area around Parliament, place where I grew up, attended school, the place where I started my first friendships and had first loves.

3. I like having a walk and watching Sunset at 25th May on Danube River. I enjoy watching people that are joyful around me, children that play carelessly, people that walk their pets while everyone is enjoying in a beautiful day.

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Club Hot Mess Owner Nikola Bigovic

Belgrade Club Hot Mess

1. From the first day of my life in Belgrade I have loved the feeling that this city is giving. You feel welcomed in it, like you have always belonged there and by that feeling the city gets sympathy on first encounter.

2. I like Knez Mihajlova street. In the beginning, I enjoyed walking through it.. Now I adore sitting on the first floor of hotel “Bah” and to watch all those people that Belgrade has gathered.

3. I have loved a cult to have a dog in Belgrade. Simply, all those stories that people from Belgrade are talking about and to their pets, hanging out in the park, a casual chatting, and we all have one commonality – having a dog in Belgrade.

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Owner of club Terassa Vladimir Vuksanovic

Belgrade Club Dragstor

1. In Belgrade, I love “Belgrade Summer” the most, period from beginning of June until the end of September.

2. Spending time on my raft on Sava River gives me great pleasure.

3. I enjoy having a barbecue with my friends, having a swim and going for a ride on my boat on rivers of Belgrade.

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Co-owner of Dragstor Play Nemanja Rosic

Belgrade Club Jimmy’s

1. I’m glad when I’m welcoming all interesting people from around the world that come to Belgrade and know how to have a good time in it.

2. Belgrade can brag that it has the most beautiful girls in the world.

3. There are so many great restaurants, clubs and bars in Belgrade.

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Founder of Belgrade Banging​ Filip Ruvinov

Belgrade Banging

1. I like Belgrade because it is still free spirited city, not obligated by European system.You have parties every day during the week, and for surprise they are all crowded.

2. Although it is known for a great nightlife, there is a lot of potential for gross in entertainment and events production.

3. Energy of the city is just astonishing, people are enthusiastic and communicative. On the streets, you can see them 24/7h talking,laughing,having fun..

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Party Traveler Benjamin Waldesbühl

Benjamin Waldesbühl,  Party Traveler

1. i like the open minded people in Belgrade

2. i like the delicious food in Belgrade restaurants

3. I like the Nightlife with the Belgrade at Night Team.

4. I like the Cathedral of Saint Sava, it is very beautiful !

5. I like Sky Wellness Gym, awesome view and cool people.

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Fitness and Muay Thai Niko

Fitness and Muay Thai – Niko

1. I love the relaxed atmosphere in Belgrade and the openness of its people.

2. The nightlife in Belgrade is without exaggerating one of the best in europe, I have traveled to most capital cities in Europe but nowhere can compare in Belgrade, it has a great choice of clubs and bars ( Freestyler , Lasta, River, Mikser Garden) it is great to just chill out. Also no matter what your preference in music they cater for all, from hip hop, house, hits from the 70;s,80’s and 90’s to Turbo folk.

3. Belgrade has a huge selection of gourmet restaurants. you can eat what ever your heart desires and the services is second to none, you will always be treated like a king.

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Interior & industrial designer Miloš 'Mickey' Vujičić

Interior & industrial designer – Miloš ‘Mickey’ Vujičić

1. As I remember my first day in Belgrade, I immediately felt welcome like nowhere else before. For Belgrade I got that ”this is my second home” feeling.
2. It is definitely No.1 city in this part of Europe regarding what one big city has to offer.
3. I believe there is just to many places where you can have good times. This city has so much to offer with all the restaurants, night clubs, lounges, caffes, shops, cultural things and all the sightseeings.

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Graphic designer Goga Chaaya

Graphic designer – Goga Chaaya

1.I am 100% Serbian,and so proud of it.I love my Belgrade and that’s where my heart is.My work used to send me to some other countries,and I really saw a lot,but believe me there is no night life like it is in Belgrade.

2.Dancing in some of our night clubs on the rivers it’s truly unique experience,but our favorite thing to do is watching the sunrise above that same river,while we are still dancing.

3.Friendly,friendly people.We are very curious about other nationalities,and really try to host the best we can anyone who come to visit us.Making new friends is our favorite thing to do.

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Party Traveler Wolfgang Willocx

Party Traveler Wolfgang Willocx

1. The parties in Belgrade are the most awesome ones we ever had!

2. Food is so delicious in Serbia.

3. My wife really needs to come from Belgrade, women look amazing.

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Software Developer Jovica Belcic

Software Developer Jovica Belcic

1. I like Belgrade, because it is so much different than other cities.

2. Belgrade has the most beautiful girls in the world in my opinion.

3. I love to spend my time with my friends over dinner or some drinks in Belgrade’s best restaurants or cafes (Bars), sillicon valley, beton hala etc.

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MMA Event Coordinator Daniel Daki Savic

MMA Event Coordinator Daniel Daki Savic

1. Belgrade nightlife. The clubs and parties Belgrade has to offer, no other country has. I have traveled a lot, and partyed around the world. But every time i come to Belgrade I’m always suprissed over how damn good it is. Freestyler, River, Terasa Lounge, Stefan Brown Hot-Mess, so many clubs i can’t name them al. Summer clubs, winter clubs, fucking awesome.

2. The Serbian woman. I doesn’t mater what your taste is before you come to Belgrade. When you stand face ta face and you see al this in front of you, you gonna forget every woman you been with, every woman you dreamed of. From this day and on your mission in life is gona be to marry a Serbian woman from Belgrade.

3. Are you a foodie? If you are a vegan, stop reading. If you like food and especially meat, then Belgrade is the place for you, the food, the spices, the bread, the juices, the restaurants have everything you need to offer and the variety is huge. This brings me to the next point.

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