Things to do in Belgrade
Belgrade Banging

Founder of Belgrade Banging​ Filip Ruvinov

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:

  1. I like Belgrade because it is still free spirited city, not obligated by European system.You have parties every day during the week, and for surprise they are all crowded.
  2. Although it is known for a great nightlife, there is a lot of potential for gross in entertainment and events production.
  3. Energy of the city is just astonishing, people are enthusiastic and communicative. On the streets, you can see them 24/7h talking,laughing,having fun..
  4. Belgrade cuisine is very tasty. Every corner of the town offers you a taste of one of the best meals made by Serbian hands.
  5. Girls… girls are so beautiful and hot.
  6. Forest “Košutnjak” – one of the most beautiful forests in Belgrade, that has great and dramatic history, is one of the best places for jogging, sports, walking, enjoying, riding horses etc.
  7. “Kalemegdan” Fortress – Every time I pass by or look at it, it creates a specific feeling, knowing that our ancestors built that, and that it was the battlefield during many wars.
  8. Summer at Belgrade – Artifical lake “Ada Ciganlija” is one of the crowdest locations during the summer, where are located one of the best summer clubs and caffes
  9. Belgrade is small city, but has “given birth” to many successful artists, sportsmans, scentists,actors etc.
  10. I like Belgrade Banging team, because they are the ambassadors of futuristic creative industry that are representing Belgrade in production of modern electronic dance music events.