Things to do in Belgrade
Belgrade Club 94

Club 94 Owner Rales Kamagres

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:

  1. Girls in the city
    Belgrade is a city with the most beautiful girls in one place. Whether it’s a promenade, restaurant or club, maybe just you will experience one of those strange moments – when unknown cute girl looks in your direction, you turn around and no one is there, and in that moment you release what a charmer you are = classis men ego power boost.
  1. After party food
    Belgrade has enabled clubbers a chance not to go hungry in bed, by allowing them fast food. Pizzas, grill, MCdrive are places that mustn’t be missed after the night out.
  1. Meeting people – anytime, anywhere Most of the young people will be glad to chat with unfamiliar (and on first looks similar to themselves) people, and together continue having a great time during that day or night, and sometimes during the whole life.
  1. Tour ‘round Kalemegdan
    Once upon a time, Belgrade was only Kalemegdan, one of the most beautiful parks in Europe now, but fortress in the past. Today it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit during the day, and recently it became popular on nights thanks to the world class clubs on open that have started their own story here.
  1. Belgrade rivers
    Going for a walk or jogging along Sava or Danube represents the most popular way to escape from every-day problems and really enjoy in life. Numerous rafts are there to make your relaxation during the day even better, and on night to raise a party to the whole new and unique level that exists only in Belgrade.
  1. Taverns
    They are forerunners of cafes and clubs. Places where you can sit all day long and enjoy in traditional Serbian culinary specialties and domestic wine or beer while having a great time listening famous “music on ear”.
  1. Cafes are specialized in making favorite non-alcoholic beverage that is certainly potable – coffee. Café Koffein, Coffee Dream, Dream Cup, places in which along gossiping or talking about business ideas you can drink the best cappuccino in Belgrade.
  1. Sport center
    Olimp The most recognizable and most popular sports center in the open-air, which is daily visited by thousands of young people, from amateurs to professionals, represents a great spot for training and hanging out.
  1. Shopping
    Belgrade shopping malls, places often visited by people that are looking for new outfits such as graduates for their prom night. In any time of year malls are filled with people, and they are worth visiting from time to time.
  2. Belgrade night life
    Probably a thing in which Belgrade has become the most popular lately.  In winter that are clubs and discos and in summer that are rafts and terraces. Thanks to the unbelievable amount of places for night entertainment, whatever day you are in Belgrade, you can find top fun. One of the common questions that foreigners ask after spending few days in Belgrade is: “Do these people do anything in life except partying”.