Things to do in Belgrade
Belgrade Club Dragstor

Owner of club Terassa Vladimir Vuksanovic

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:

  1.  In Belgrade, I love “Belgrade Summer” the most, period from beginning of June until the end of September.
  2. Spending time on my raft on Sava River gives me great pleasure.
  3. I enjoy having a barbecue with my friends, having a swim and going for a ride on my boat on rivers of Belgrade.
  4. I love Vracar, area around the Church of Saint Sava, my neighborhood where I grew up.
  5. Going for a walk through Karađorđe’s Park and admiring a view on Church of Saint Sava is amazing.
  6. Ada Ciganlija – place where I often ride rollers and play paintball with my friends.
  7. I like basketball, and I regularly hang out at basketball court on Novi Beograd, where I participate in various tournaments.
  8. Having a walk in Zemun is fantastic because there are great fish restaurants and beautiful promenade, and I often have a feeling it is a separate city, on its own.
  9. I’m an owner of Balloon for soccer, so in winter its mandatory when I’m in Belgrade to spend nights playing football with my friends and to drink beer after the game while making jokes and fun of team that loses.
  10. Avala is irresistible, and near Avala Tower my friends have house where in spring we are having a barbecue with fantastic view on whole Belgrade and having a swim in swimming pool.