Things to do in Belgrade
Belgrade Club Hot Mess

Club Hot Mess Owner Nikola Bigovic

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:

  1. From the first day of my life in Belgrade I have loved the feeling that this city is giving. You feel welcomed in it, like you have always belonged there and by that feeling the city gets sympathy on first encounter.
  2. I like Knez Mihajlova street. In the beginning, I enjoyed walking through it.. Now I adore sitting on the first floor of hotel “Bah” and to watch all those people that Belgrade has gathered.
  3. I have loved a cult to have a dog in Belgrade. Simply, all those stories that people from Belgrade are talking about and to their pets, hanging out in the park, a casual chatting, and we all have one commonality – having a dog in Belgrade.
  4. Neimar park has become my favorite place for sipping my first morning cup of coffee.
  5. I am crazy about Belgrade night life. Firstly, I enjoyed it like someone who goes out sometimes on weekend, but in time I have become really passionate once I started to create it. Belgrade loves night life, but it gives to challenge to always be better, unique, so that you remain part of that Belgrade.
  6. I like Vracar. There I have discovered my first passion for Belgrade, and there I have got a need for my own Belgrade home.
  7. Ada Bridge. Fascinating from any angle of view and enormous so you can never see it in full. That feeling of power that I had when I was crossing it for the first time can never be forgotten.
  8. I love Western City Gate or Genex Tower. It’s a symbol of former Belgrade’s economic power. I believe that in its time it was architectural miracle, but for us that aren’t from Belgrade it was two building connected by a bridge that we have seen in opening scene of TV series “Srecni ljudi”
  9. I like that Belgrade has rivers, and I adore a life beside them. I enjoy in view from Hot Mess only to see a centuries of Belgrade, by looking from Kalemegdan, across Branko Bridge and the Cathedral (Saborna crkva), to the facility of business center “Usce”. Different people in different times have given their time and love for Belgrade that we have today.
  10. And last but not least, Vojvode Supljikca street. This is the place where I have got my friendships, business successes, my loves. It marked my life.