Things to do in Belgrade
Belgrade Club Jimmy’s

Co-owner of Dragstor Play Nemanja Rosic

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:

  1. I’m glad when I’m welcoming all interesting people from around the world that come to Belgrade and know how to have a good time in it.
  2. Belgrade can brag that it has the most beautiful girls in the world.
  3. There are so many great restaurants, clubs and bars in Belgrade.
  4. I enjoy having a walk through history of Belgrade whist visiting Kalemegdan fortress, Dorcol and Savamala, and going for a walk through the heart of Belgrade, the Knez Mihailova Street and bohemian quarter, the Skadarlija Street.
  5. Positive energy (vibe) of Belgradians can be felt in the atmosphere.
  6. It is great and exciting to meet new people, and to party with them.
  7. I think that our food is excellent and I love our traditional Serbian cuisine.
  8. Festivals and concerts in Belgrade are fantastic.
  9. I love summers in Belgrade, having a ride with boat on rivers or riding a bike at Ada.
  10. Belgrade is perfect because it “is alive” 24/7, and that in any moment you can find something interesting to do.