Things to do in Belgrade
Belgrade Club Lasta

Club Lasta Owner Pero Di Reda

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:

  1.  People from Belgrade are direct, polite, great hosts always ready to show the best of the best to their guests.
  2. Summers in Belgrade are perfect, and places in city such as Banovo Brdo – Ada & Kosutnjak and pool on 25th are ideal for sports and for relaxation.
  3. I like summer clubs that reflect the urban spirit of Belgrade – Lasta, 20/44, Povetarac, Letnji Bitef, Freestyler, Terassa, Svemirska Kafana…
  4. There are also great winter clubs such as Tube, Brankow, Mladost & Ludost & Radost, Radionica, Dragstor, Wats…
  5. I love Beton Hall, location, the most beautiful sunset and diversity of great culinary offers in places such as Iguana, Comunale, Sakura…
  6. I enjoy casualty whist drinking coffee with friends or solo in Koffein or Przionica.
  7. Going for a walk through Knez Mihailova Street is amusing and I often stop by for a lunch at Vuk and for an ice cream at Mortiz.
  8. View from the Public Restaurant is amazing.
  9. I care of Bigz as representative of architecture of Bauhaus school which now functions as multi-cult area in which bunch of alternative bands practice regularly.
  10. Square Nine and its Ebisu Japanese restaurant on top floor are incredible – spirit of Europe in Belgrade.