Things to do in Belgrade
Belgrade Club River

Club River Owner Srecko Cirovic

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:

  1. Tales of wise residents about Belgrade
  1. I enjoy listening to stories of people that moved to Belgrade ages ago
  1. I like all the streets that have been walked over by my parents so that they could achieve right on 2 pensions ūüôā
  1. I love the potential which Belgrade has in archaeological terms
  1. It especially makes me happy that Belgrade has really original geographic position with confluence of two such significant rivers and fortress that testifies so much about history.
  1. I incredibly like the fact what Belgrade could become if it was better taken care of, and if they build smarter, both on, like I love to say ‚Äúcontinental part‚ÄĚ (from Ibar Highway to Kalemegdan) and in the area around rivers ‚Äď on New Belgrade and ‚Äėthird Belgrade‚Äô.
  1. Because Belgrade is the biggest and most significant city of ex Yugoslavia.
  1. Because Belgrade is hometown to 4 tennis number ones! Novak Djokovic , Ana Ivanovic, Jelena Jankovic  and Nenad Zimonjic are born here.! If we add to it Monika Sales from Novi Sad nearby, and Slobodan Boba Zivojinovic, former the fastest ace and one of the best if not the best doubles player, is there anything else it needs to be said?
  1.  I like that Belgrade is city of basketball, water polo and volleyball but we are the most proud of Red Star, European and world champion in football and its magnificent stadium and museum that definitely must be visited!
  2. I am glad that no foreigner will be or stay uninterested once I welcome and treat him in Belgrade, especially when to rich history and culture we add unsurpassed Serbian cuisine, full and very popular clubs that works 365 days a year, and of course a chance for hanging out and meeting any of countless beautiful girls that can be seen in Belgrade, I guarantee, at any time of day in any corner of our city, from periphery to strict center.