Things to do in Belgrade
Belgrade Club Terassa

Co Owner at Mikser Garden Marko Savic

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:

1. I really respect Belgrade underground electro scene. With great memory I remember club Industry and beginning of Belgrade electro sound.

2. I love my neighborhood, Center of the city, Area around Parliament, place where I grew up, attended school, the place where I started my first friendships and had first loves.

3. I like having a walk and watching Sunset at 25th May on Danube River. I enjoy watching people that are joyful around me, children that play carelessly, people that walk their pets while everyone is enjoying in a beautiful day.

4. I adore spending time with family and friends, while chatting about common subjects and trips.

5. During the lunch hours with my friends, I like spending my time in popular part of the city, Skadarlija or Beton Hall.

6. Having stroll through Kalemegdan fortress and Knez Mihailo street of course when the weather is lovely

7. It really makes me happy when I see that my city and my country is very successful in sports.

8. I am glad when foreigners have a positive attitude about Belgrade and when they spread that spirit trough the world.

9. I am really glad when nation is joined together and help each other without personal interest and envy.

10. I am really looking forward when a young person from Belgrade or Serbia manages to reach some international level in its field.For example, making some interesting mobile application, discovering solution about some mathematical problem, winning in some chess tournament etc..