Things to do in Belgrade
MMA Event Coordinator Daniel Daki Savic

MMA Event Coordinator Daniel Daki Savic


Things to do in Belgrade


10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:


1. Belgrade nightlife. The clubs and parties Belgrade has to offer, no other country has. I have traveled a lot, and partyed around the world. But every time i come to Belgrade I’m always suprissed over how damn good it is. Freestyler, River, Terasa Lounge, Stefan Brown Hot-Mess, so many clubs i can’t name them al. Summer clubs, winter clubs, fucking awesome.


2. The Serbian woman. I doesn’t mater what your taste is before you come to Belgrade. When you stand face ta face and you see al this in front of you, you gonna forget every woman you been with, every woman you dreamed of. From this day and on your mission in life is gona be to marry a Serbian woman from Belgrade.


3. Are you a foodie? If you are a vegan, stop reading. If you like food and especially meat, then Belgrade is the place for you, the food, the spices, the bread, the juices, the restaurants have everything you need to offer and the variety is huge. This brings me to the next point.


4. Service. It doesn’t mater if you are buying ice cream on the street, if you are shopping, if you are clubbing or if you are in a 5 star restaurant or a no star restaurant in the ghetto you will ALWAYS gett a 5 star service treatment.


5. Plazma. The national cracker of Serbia. Not to try some of the delicious stuff they do with it is absolutely crazy. Plazma-cakes of different kinds, plazma-shakes, plazma-icecream, or just plain plazma cracker dipped in  milk or hot chocolate.


6. If you don’t know what burek is so far, then find out and have a look and try it somewhere. THEN you go to Trpkovic burek place, and compare burek with BUREK. Best burek place in town. Every morning a burek at Trpkovic and a liter yogurt. No problem.


7. Fitness. Al of this food and partying you gonna also take care of that body of yours. One of the popular gyms are Extreme Gym with a high class environment, and the Revolution Gym with a little more gym feeling.


8. Ada Ciganlija. The in lake in Belgrade. The warm days in Belgrade can easy come up to 40 celsius, to know that Ada is just around the corner makes is easier. Here you have everything from day beach clubs, nightclubs, restaurants, tenns courts, recreation center, activities, rental of bikes, rollerblades and so on. You can easily spend every day whole day at Ada. My pick is “Beach Club Hot Mess”, you can’t miss that.


9. Ice Cream lovers. As a tourist in Belgrade you gona see ice cream stands everywhere. Its really popular over here and we have one of the best ice cream in the world. You have the in country ice cream than they are selling on the street everywhere, and then you have these better hidden places with the extremely good stuff. One of those places is Moritz Eis. Try the white chocolate and then you can die happy.


10. Walking. Being a tourist. So many big streets, smal streets, churches, buildings, art districts. So much to see that you can literally walk until your feet fell off.