Things to do in Belgrade
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Things to do in Belgrade

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:

1. I love the relaxed atmosphere in Belgrade and the openness of its people.

2. The nightlife in Belgrade is without exaggerating one of the best in europe, I have traveled to most capital cities in Europe but nowhere can compare in Belgrade, it has a great choice of clubs and bars ( Freestyler , Lasta, River, Mikser Garden) it is great to just chill out. Also no matter what your preference in music they cater for all, from hip hop, house, hits from the 70;s,80’s and 90’s to Turbo folk.

3. Belgrade has a huge selection of gourmet restaurants. you can eat what ever your heart desires and the services is second to none, you will always be treated like a king.

4. If you want to keep fit, I can recommend Sky Wellness. whilst training you can enjoy the amazing view of the river, and watch the sunset.

5. Belgrade has some really nice romantic places with amazing views. The Kalamegdan Fortress has a wonderful view of the Sava river and is very romantic in the evening to watch the sunset.

6. I love the feeling of nostalgia I get when i return to Serbia, I love to see all the beautiful churches like the Cathedral of Saint Sava

7. The people of Belgrade are very open and generous and are very welcoming of visitors in their country. You can really find some true friends in Belgrade.

8. I really enjoy the Serbian kitchen of grilled meat.

9. There are alot of reasonably priced hotels and apartments to rent.

10. Last but not least the women in this city are simply unbelievable, but you will see for yourself when you come to Belgrade