Things to do in Belgrade
Graphic designer – Goga Chaaya

Graphic designer Goga Chaaya


Things to do in Belgrade


10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:


1. I am 100% Serbian,and so proud of it. I love my Belgrade and that’s where my heart is. My work used to send me to some other countries, and I really saw a lot, but believe me there is no night life like it is in Belgrade.


2. Dancing in some of Belgrade night clubs on the rivers it’s truly unique experience,but our favorite thing to do is watching the sunrise above that same river,while we are still dancing.


3. Friendly, friendly people. We are very curious about other nationalities, and really try to host the best we can anyone who come to visit us. Making new friends is our favorite thing to do.


4. We  are aware that politics gave us bad reputation, but believe me there is no greater pleasure than when we see faces of tourists when they see how different we actually are. Our hospitality and smiling faces are already well known.


5. The food.Omg..Our food…Our barbecue is the best thing you ever tasted.Right now I live in Dubai,city who have all and beyond that.But..They don’t have that juicy Serbian barbecue.Our food have tradition and it is made with love You can just feel it with every bite. Here i miss that the most.


6. For a long time already i live at the Middle east and i noticed here is everything beige.Sand and dust. My country have wonderful nature. Woods,rivers,lakes. Everywhere you look you will see ‘green’. It’s a real medicine for eyes and soul. Nothing better than breathing fresh air.


7. We are also pet friendly country. Love animals. There are more and more restaurants and café’s where you can go with your pet. I personally adore animals and for me this is a very important thing.


8. Serbia is a country with very long history. That makes us very proud. We been through a lot, but we still walk with our head up high. In Belgrade you can see many monuments still standing and  reminding of that. You just have to go and see it with very own eyes. Then you will understand our pride better,too.


9. And please, if you come, go for a walk.Walk by the river, maybe downtown, maybe outside of Belgrade. Any street will just start calling you to join, and feel the soul of the city. Maybe even by bike, why not. It’s a view from completely different perspective.


10.  Visit us and you will see that every single word we wrote here is true.We dont lie,we just love our city because it deserves that.