Things to do in Belgrade
Interior & industrial designer – Miloš ‘Mickey’ Vujičić

Interior & industrial designer Miloš 'Mickey' Vujičić


Things to do in Belgrade


10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:


1. As I remember my first day in Belgrade, I immediately felt welcome like nowhere else before. For Belgrade I got that ”this is my second home” feeling.

2. It is definitely No.1 city in this part of Europe regarding what one big city has to offer.

3.  I believe there is just to many places where you can have good times. This city has so much to offer with all the restaurants, night clubs, lounges, caffes, shops, cultural things and all the sightseeings.

4.  Belgrade is town where there is no chance you going to be hungry. You can find everything from modern to local cuisine and all of them are just great. They really know how to treat a guest and you will get a first class service in most casual or really fancy resaturant. Everybody who loves meat is going to fell like in paradise here, specially in all the great local food restaurants.

5.  When I’m in Belgrade I must have my dose of Maydan which is more modern kind of place in loungey style and Daco which is very good restaurant serving local cuisine. You won’t feel sorry if you also visit Kafanica, Fransh, Dorian Gray, Mala Fabrika Ukusa and many others.

6.  As a designer I love to visit some really cool designed places such as Supermarket which you should check out and at least drink a coffee in it or maybe buy some nice product from a local designer. A must visit is also a place called ”Mikser” where you can see and buy all the different products, furniture, clothes, food from very creative serbian designers. There are some projects/interiors that a world famous designer Karim Rashid did here in Belgrade. He is also very cool beacuse he met his wife here … yes, his wife i serbian … one lucky guy

7.  Belgrade is also just awesome because it is located by the rivers and you have so many locations where you can take a walk or chill in the park. If you like you can take a cruise with a boat, I allways like to go to Kalamegdan fortress where is also this very cool summer lounge called Terassa. When you are in Belgrade you must see some Serbian movie, because they are for sure one of the best movie makers in the world, specially in comedy field.

8.  The thing that is for sure if you ask me is that Belgrade is No.1 place in the world regarding the night life. There is so many good night clubs with this awesome vibe and you can really go out on a every day of the week. No matter what kind of music you like, you are going to find a place that is going to make your night unforgettable. In summer you should visit a place on Kalamegdan called Terassa, or go to a splav River, Dragstor or Hot Mess. The clubs that are also worth checking out are  Brankow, Mr. Stefan Braun, Cinema, Freestyler, Lasta and many others. You won’t have problems finding the right place if you just ask some locals for a advice where to go this night.

9.  When I am in Belgrade and if I have a chance i must see some sports game. I am a big basketball fan and if there is some game with Partizan or Crvena Zvezda going on, that is a game you have to see. It is unbelivable how great this country is in almost all the sports. They have tennis star like Novak Djokovic, they’ve won second place on this year’s basketball world cup, they are also very good in soccer, water polo, volleyball and many other sports.

10.  And last but not the least if you ask me about Belgrade … women! You probably heard a lot of times how Brazilians are the most beautiful women in the world. Let me tell you that this is one big lie J Serbia has really i believe most beautiful girls in the world and beside that, they are really cool and interesting and easy to talk to. Actually all folks here … women, guys, old, young, are very cool and they will make you feel very welcome while your stay in Belgrade.