Things to do in Belgrade
Software Developer Jovica Belcic

Software Developer Jovica Belcic


Things to do in Belgrade

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:



1. I like Belgrade, because it is so much different than other cities.

2. Belgrade has the most beautiful girls in the world in my opinion.

3. I love to spend my time with my friends over dinner or some drinks in Belgrade’s best restaurants or cafes (Bars), sillicon valley, beton hala etc.

4. There are the best nightclubs in Europe and the best atmosphere, nightlife you can imagine.

5. It is great because generally people is very open, hospitable and warm both native and international, compared to other cities in Europe.

6. Belgrade never sleeps, you can always find something to do.

7. Going for a walk through Kalemegdan Park is amazing, very beautiful view.

8. I love to spend an active day at Ada Ciganlija, swimming, water skiing, bungee jumping, you name it.

9. The Serbian food is awesome! 10. And last, you can still smoke inside!

10. Love to meet new cool people, making new friendships, and new business connections.