Things to do in Belgrade
Party Traveler Wolfgang Willocx

Party Traveler Wolfgang Willocx


Things to do in Belgrade

10 things in Belgrade that I like the best:


1. The parties in Belgrade are the most awesome ones we ever had!

2. Food is so delicious in Serbia.

3. My wife really needs to come from Belgrade, women look amazing.

4. People are very kind and helpful, even if they don’t speak english.

5. Taking a break with a little drink is perfect.

6. As you ‘re not from their country they find you so intresting to talk to.

7. Their nationalism is so intresting, they find their country pretty good! (It really is.)

8. Fascinating are the 2 rivers flowing together..

9. Shopping, a lot of fashion clothes!

10. During the time we were there we also joined a lot of student parties. It was like a small Tomorrowland-madness !