Things to know about Belgrade nightlife

Things to know about Belgrade nightlifenightlife

  • Belgrade clubs do not charge entry fees but reservations are necessary. The Club Management decides who will enter to the club and who will not. Without a reservation you may not be allowed to enter.
  • In Belgrade nightlife there are two types of reservations, Bar table ( no minimum spending or sometimes 1 bottle of drink if the club asks for that ) and VIP Tables what most people are looking for. VIP tables minimum spending in any Belgrade club is 2 bottles of premium alcohol (depending on the club)
  • Good thing: VIP Tables in Belgrade are not like in most cities in the world.. They are located in the crowd, so you can be part of the party, not away from the action. However, there are also good located and bad located tables in every club. Bad ones are next to the toilets, or in the corners, or at some other location that you don’t want to spend your party time at.
  • Prices of bottles in Belgrade clubs are around 150-170 Euros ( Moet, Grey Goose or Belvedere )
  • Don’t be Late for your reservation in Belgrade clubs, you may lose your place, clubs require you to be at the club 00:30 the latest.
  • Never use a taxi that you find on the street. There are many illegal taxis and you don’t want to fall victim to them. Always call a taxi. Phone numbers of taxi companies are 19803 or 19802 or from foreign number try +381 63 9801
  • It usually takes taxi 5 minutes to come to pick you up. Prices from Belgrade clubs back to your accommodation are around 5 and not more than 10 Euros per taxi. (if you are in or around the city area).
  • ALL Belgrade clubs have different dance floors then what you will see in other countries! In place of the Dance floors there are located bar tables and VIP tables. Almost everything is the same, except there is difference in 3 things: 1. you will have place where to place your drink (you will not have to keep in your hands when you dance and party) 2. You will have waiter that will ask you what do you want to drink (so you will not have to go for the bar) 3. You need reservation in advance for either bar or VIPs table