This is the ladies night!

This is the ladies night!

This is the ladies night!, and restaurant Ambar prepared something special for all the ladies in the town. Only tonight girls have free drinks at the bar of this beautiful venue which is situated in the most popular pedestrian zone in Belgrade. Happy hour for ladies starts from 8pm so make your reservation, and take a seat by the bar. Call your girlfriends, and make remarkable night!

Ambar is one of the most popular restaurants in Belgrade, taking his place in top venue – Beton hall, where are the best restaurants, coffee shops and clubs in Belgrade. It has ultimate Balkan cuisine menu which is adjusted to all tastes worldwide.

You can try some of the top 10 serbian foods, and you will enjoy single one of them.  This is the first restaurant of this brand, another two are in Clarendon and Washington D.C..

It is located in Karadjordjeva street, Opening Hours are 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, every day on week.

This is the ladies night!


Perfect Balkan Cuisine

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Bar of restaurant Ambar