Thursday’s Hottest Party is at Tilt Nightclub !!

Thursday’s hottest Party is at Tilt Nightclub.

Looking for the best party in town ?

We have just the place for all you “sexy and sweet ” party people.

This Thursday night, the only place to party hard and to be seen at is at a Tilt.

Tilt is one of the best winter clubs in Belgrade, and this Thursday brings to you all “Sweet and Sexy”.

Dj Nikola and Dj Yabba will be busting out the latest annd greatest house music.

Located in the city centre the atmosphere at this club will almost blow the roof off, it is a none stop party that you will not want to come to an end.

If it is your first time in Belgrade then you should know that Tilt is the winter version of one of Belgrade’s most famous and top summer clubs Freestyler which rocked the city all summer.

Tilt is not to be missed, and what better way to start your weekend off then at one of Belgrade’s top clubs, even though most will know or would have herd that every night in this crazy beautiful city is the weekend.



Get ready to Tilt

Get ready to Tilt