Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

In Belgrade for the only 1-2 euros per meal you can get yourself tasty fast food. find out more about Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade!

People in Belgrade just loves to eat outside. Fast food is affordable or better to say, its CHEAP.

What is popular among Belgrade Fast Food?

Slice of Pizza, Cevapcici, Buritos, Burek, Asian Food, Burgers, Hummus and tasty croissants with cheese from the Belgrade bakery’s.

If you are lover of a Big Mac, don’t worry, you will find Mac Donald’s on the every corner.

If you are food adventures go one day for a local burger place called Loki. Loki is for a while among the Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade!


Fast Food in Belgrade VS Restaurants

Prices goes in favor for Fast Food places, time for delivering meals goes as well in favor of Fast Foods.

Taste more or less is similar (not compering some of the high-end restaurants). Parking is issue for both Fast Food places as well as for restaurants. Belgrade restaurants offer cozy and romantic experiences, while fast food is place for eat and go.

If you eat to much and if you want to burn some calories, check out some of the popular Belgrade Gyms.

Last week we introduced you to the list of 50 best restaurants in Belgrade. Most of them are fine dining, and you need time for enjoying your course meals. But why if you are in rush, and you have minimum time for eating? There is a solution for that also. Today we bring you article of Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade.

#1 Wok Republic

Meet up with Wok Republic food on the go, whether you are going somewhere or on your way home. Represent fresh street food made from the utmost quality ingredients, brought  directly from the local markets. Address: Francuska 5. For us this is among the Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade!Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Wok Republic

#2 Burrito Madre

Their cuisine will leave you speechless. Madre never has leftovers. All thei ingredients are bought in the morning of the day they’re used so they are the freshest and healthiest you can find.  Madre is an experienced and quick cook –no one has waited more than 90 seconds for her culinary delights. One of the newest franchises which become famous in no time! It is a part of Richard Sandoval’s chain of popular restaurants such as Ambar and Toro Latin Gastro Bar, but this is the only fast food restaurant they offer, and we are pretty happy because of that. High quality of  groceries makes their offer unique. Next to their burrito, churros is a must! The inspiration for Burrito Madre’s concept is the culture and tastes of South America, as well as urban street art, what you can definitely taste! Address: Terazije 27, Belgrade.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Burrito Madre

#3 Burger House

The initial idea was developed through a master thesis after which great time was devoted by the Burger House team, in researching every possible aspect related to burgers, fries, sauces and all other products that would be offered. If you don’t like trying something new and you don’t want to cross the line of your comfort zone, than the Burger House is perfect place for you! Maybe the best burger place in town, offers variety of great fast food meals! Among burgers, they offer great sandwiches and salads as well as delicious deserts! Hint: You can male your own burger, customized just for you! Address: Nikole Spasica 3. Definitely among the Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade!



Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Burger House

#4 Pekara Toma

Toma’s Bakery is a modern company and a well-known chain of bakery shops in Belgrade today. In 2013, Toma’s Bakery has shops in 10 locations, in which tens of thousands of people enjoy the taste of finest food every day. You will find this bakery in every part of the city – at more than 10 locations to be precise! Best pastry, deserts, sandwiches and many more great products at one place! In accordance with their current policy of quality and tradition over 50 years old,  they have clearly defined plans for the future of Bakery Toma. Continues in progress and aiming to be an even better place of good food and fine taste.  Address: Kolarceva 6-8.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Pekara Toma

#5 Bucko

One of the best pizza in town! Great prices and even better slices! Bucko is an ideal place for quick bite. Their cuisine is a perfect blend of traditional Italian and local cuisine using the finest and freshest ingredients. If you ask real Belgradians where to find the best pizza in town, answer will be simple – Bucko! With a long tradition (established in 1997.), they offer only few types of pizza: Capricciosa, Margarita, Funghi and Vesuvio.  Why? Because everything is about salad you put on a slice! Beef, chicken, Russian, cheese and sesame, vitamin, tuna … We can talk about this all day long, but the best way to find our are we right is to try it! Address: Beogradska 56.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade


#6 Tel Aviv Hummus House

Relying on fresh ingredients, traditional recipes and Israeli perfect Serbian team of employees, “Tel Aviv Hummus House” proudly offers to all its customers the best of Israeli cuisine. Falafel is a common dish eaten throughout the Middle East. The fritters are now found around the world as a replacement for meat and as a form of street food. And you can find it here, in Belgrade, with original recipe! The falafel balls are topped with salads, pickled vegetables, hot sauce, and drizzled with tahini-based sauces. Falafel balls may also be eaten alone as a snack or served as part of a meze (appetizers).  Address: Carice Milice 3.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Tel Aviv Hummus House

#7 Agi Pasta Away

Agi Pasta Away is a street fast food concept based on the preparation of traditional Italian pasta and sauces.They regard pasta as art and treat it likewise. Offering the most delicious Italian pasta of the highest quality, at very reasonable prices and generous portions. Address: Ilije Garasanina 33.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Agi Pasta Away

#8 Cevabdzinica Cica

Is among most popular fast foods in Belgrade. Quality and fast service are on maximum level. This is perfect place to try pljeskavica, one of the top 10 Serbian foods. Address: Djure Jaksica 11.

Top 10 fast foods in Belrade

Cevabdzinica Cica

#9 Taze

This place is epic! They are consider to be among the Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade! Their offer includes various types of pastry made of white, whole wheat and corn flour, sweet and savory pies, small cakes and juices, as well as a variety of sandwiches. Address: Vasina 3.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Pekara Taze

#10 Asia Food

Asian cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. To prepare meals, they are using fresh ingredients and the food is very short heat treatment, which preserves vitamins and nutritional value of foods. The characteristic of this cuisine is a combination of different flavors, colors and scents. Address: Brankova 7.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Asia Food

Other popular Fast Food places

Drama Cevapi

Cevapi are among the most popular traditional Serbian dishes, and you can’t stay irrelevant after trying them! There are many variations of recipes but the result is the same. It’s grilled dish of minced meat. It’s served in a flatbread. Drama Cevapi have reasonable and affordable prices, and quality of their offer is more than great!

Address: Corner of  Dositejeva and Brace Jugovic street

Working hours: 11 am – 8 pm



Legendary fast food “Loki”  for more than twenty years is preparing the best grill specialties. Visit ” Loki” and feel the taste of tradition in a pleasant atmosphere with the masters of barbecue. We especially recommend the fried chicken fillet and highlight grated cheese and roasted peppers.

Address: Strahinjića Bana 36

Working hours: 24 hours

Before you go out to party it is better to know where to eat afterwards. This article might save your ass not having a doggy meal somewhere unsafe. Our article Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade is completely realistic!

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