Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Last week we introduce you to the list of 50 best restaurants in Belgrade. Most of them are fine dining, and you need time for enjoying your course meals. But why if you are in rush, and you have minimum time for eating? There is a solution for that also. Today we bring you article of Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade .

#1 Wok Republic

Meet up with Wok Republic food on the go, whether you are going somewhere or on your way home. Represent fresh street food made from the utmost quality ingredients, brought  directly from the local markets. Address: Francuska 5.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Wok Republic

#2 Burrito Madre

Their cuisine will leave you speechless. Madre never has leftovers. All our ingredients are bought the morning of the day they’re used so they are the freshest and healthiest you can find. Madre is an experienced and quick cook –no one has waited more than 90 seconds for her culinary delights. Address: Terazije 27, Belgrade.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Burrito Madre

#3 Burger House

The initial idea was developed through a master thesis after which great time was devoted by the Burger House team, in researching every possible aspect related to burgers, fries, sauces and all other products that would be offered. Address: Nikole Spasica 3.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Burger House

#4 Pekara Toma

Toma’s Bakery is a modern company and a well-known chain of bakery shops in Belgrade today. In 2013, Toma’s Bakery has shops in 10 locations, in which tens of thousands of people enjoy the taste of finest food every day. Address: Kolarceva 6-8.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Pekara Toma

#5 Bucko

One of the best pizza in town! Great prices nd even better slices! Bucko is an ideal place for quick bite. Their cuisine is a perfect blend of traditional Italian and local cuisine using the finest and freshest ingredients. Address: Beogradska 56.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade


#6 Tel Aviv Hummus House

Relying on fresh ingredients, traditional recipes and Israeli perfect Serbian team of employees, “Tel Aviv Hummus House” proudly offers to all its customers the best of Israeli cuisine. Address: Carice Milice 3.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Tel Aviv Hummus House

#7 Agi Pasta Away

Agi Pasta Away is a street fast food concept based on the preparation of traditional Italian pasta and sauces.They regard pasta as art and treat it likewise. Offering the most delicious Italian pasta of the highest quality, at very reasonable prices and generous portions. Address: Ilije Garasanina 33.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Agi Pasta Away

#8 Cevabdzinica Cica

Is among most popular fast foods in Belgrade. Quality and fast service are on maximum level. This is perfect place to try pljeskavica, one of the top 10 Serbian foods. Address: Djure Jaksica 11.

Top 10 fast foods in Belrade

Cevabdzinica Cica

#9 Taze

Their offer includes various types of pastry made of white, whole wheat and corn flour, sweet and savory pies, small cakes and juices, as well as a variety of sandwiches. Address: Vasina 3.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Pekara Taze

#10 Asia Food

Asian cuisine is one of the healthiest in the world. To prepare meals, they are using fresh ingredients and the food is very short heat treatment, which preserves vitamins and nutritional value of foods. The characteristic of this cuisine is a combination of different flavors, colors and scents. Address: Brankova 7.

Top 10 fast foods in Belgrade

Asia Food

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