TOP 10 FRUITS in Serbia

Top 10 fruits in Serbia





Find out which are the TOP 10 FRUITS IN Serbia. First on the list is the Serbian Plum on Serbian “ Šljiva “. Its one of the most tasty fruits out there. Blue Plum, with yellow inside, is just yummy. If you want a good quality, make sure to buy from a local farmers.



Serbian Sljiva














Serbian Name for an Apple is “Jabuka”.  Serbia exports Apples all around the world, Serbian Apples are tasty in all colors out there.

Make sure to try Vojvodina Yellow Apple.






“Malina” on Serbian Language, is simple delicious. You probably didn’t know that Serbia is the biggest producer and exporter of Malinas in the world. Raspberry’s are among the most popular ones of the Top 10 fruits in Serbia.




Top 10 fruits in Serbia, Malina or Raspberry.






Make sure to ask around where to get fresh Sour Cherry filo pie ( Pita sa Višnjama ). This desert is made from Cherry’s, and it belongs in the group of one of the most popular Serbian Food dishes.

Our favorite dish with Sour Cherry’s is called Lazy pie ( Lenja Pita ). This is what our grandmas used to make for us when we been kids. Lenja Pita is not really commercial thing, and its not easy to find a good one in bakery’s. Try to get a bite from some of your local friends in Serbia.









Blackberry or “Kupina” on Serbian Language, is one of the Top 10 Serbian Fruits. Tasty Kupinas you might find on the local green markets. When you get to the market, ask a local farmer on Serbian, Da li mogu da probam? ( Can I try ? ).

Its interesting: Before you buy, you will be welcomed to try the food.








Serbian Apricot cake is what you should try while cruising in Serbia, they are super tasty! This is personally our most favourite fruit.






Peach is definitely among top 10 Serbian fruits. Its called “Breskva” on Serbian. If you like sweet taste, get ones that are not to tick.







Kruška is how we call it. You will be able to find many different shapes and tastes in Serbia. Our favourite ones are smaller shape ones and that has bit yellow. If you like sore taste, then go for green ones.









Did you know that Hazelnut is actually a fruit? Well it is, and its grows in Serbia. You will find good quality and very good price. Make sure to buy from the farmers on the open markets, its better taste and quality. Also, on that way u support small local business.








One of the most photogenic fruits out there. Serbia is doing massive production and export of Cherry’s. You might be surprised about the price. On some places, you might be able to get 1 kg for 1 euro. Yap, super testy Cherry’s for 1 euro per Kg. Serbia is the fruit heaven, but it just hasn’t realised it yet.



Top 10 Fruits in Serbia



Those are the TOP 10 Serbian fruits. Make sure to leave some space in your belly and try Walnut, Quince and nectarine.


You will soon find out that price compare quality, is what makes Serbia the Fruit Heaven.