TOP 10 Photos – Belgrade at Night – For 2017

TOP 10 Photos – Belgrade at Night – For 2017

Belgrade is such a beautiful city full of history, tradition and remarkable architecture. Every corner and every part of it have a great background story, waiting to be told. Among all of it, we are lucky enough to have marvelous photographers  who can seize all the glory of Belgrade in one picture. They are real artist who promote Belgrade on social media in the most beautiful way. Today, we have chosen TOP 10 Photos – Belgrade at Night – For 2017 .


TOP 10 Photos - Belgrade at Night - For 2017

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On the picture you can see beautiful National Assembly by nightfall in the center of the city.


Photo taken by: instagramcom/esejapan

Photo is taken by one of the newest resident photographers of Belgrade! And by his pictures, you can see that author fell in love immediately with our capital!


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“The victor” monument is the focus of this lovely photo, and its taken at Kalemegdan Fortress, trademark of Belgrade.


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The biggest temple in this part of Europe, dedicated to Saint Sava, is one of the most beautiful attribute of Belgrade.


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Where ever you go, you wont be able to forget greatest nights in Belgrade! Clear sky,  stars and romance in the air, definitely something worth experiencing!


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Rising of the sun above Belgrade is something  what real Belgradians live for!


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Guess which city is among the most romantic ones in the world?


Photo taken

All the quays of Belgrade are always perfect for a walk next to the rivers. Our capital is well known by the influence of Sava and Danube river.


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Ada bridge is one of the newest bridges in Belgrade, and represents modern twist in architecture of Belgrade.


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Slavija Square is always busy  no matter is it day or night. Belgrade never sleeps.

Which one is your favorite? Which is the best photographer by your choice? You have your own ideas? Let us know!

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