Top 10 Serbian Foods

The most common questions when foreigners visit Belgrade are. Is Serbian Food Healthy. Is it tasty. What are the prices to eat outside. Balkan cuisine definitely have its own charm. We prepared tasty list of Top 10 Serbian Foods. We will represent top 10 authentic and tasteful meals. Get prepared before waiter ask you are you ready Sir. Once you know what you going to order click here to find a popular traditional restaurants in Belgrade. Serbian cuisine is one of the most unique in the world, presents the fusion of tastes and texture.


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Serbian Food specialities.



Super Quick Guide for Tourists


If this article is t much info for you and you are looking for someone to tell you what to order then follow this Recommendations. We will give you a Tip for each meal. For the Breakfast order Burek sa Sirom or Popara sa Sirom. Lunch go for Sarma. Dinner Cepacici or Plesjavica ( Serbian Burger ).


How much  Serbian Food cost?

Beside purchasing, to prepare will cost you time and an effort. Prices on Flee markets are very friendly. To get food in a Fast Food in Belgrade Downtown will cost from 2-4 euros per meal. Traditional Restaurants will charge around 10 euros. Posh places will ask for 15 euros per meal.


Does Serbia have a good food?

Ultimate Question! If you are meat and bread lover then welcome to the heaven. If you are looking for a sea fish delicates you are not going to have the best experience. For sugar addicts Belgrade is pretty much the place. Pastry is what Belgrade is known for. Let us put it this way if you are into Healthy lifestyle and Vegetarian food then Europe itself is the wrong place for you. Consider Asia as an option or spend some time cooking at home.


Prices of Food in Serbia

Good news! Food produced in Serbia are opposite of expensive. Supply your fridge from a local flee markets. Support locals on that way and purchase healthy – not GMO food. For 30 euros you can fill your fridge for a week with Veggies, Fruits and some Meat.


How would we describe you Serbian food?

As Serbian History as well Serbian cuisine is characterised by highly diverse. We could roughly described as a mixture of Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian and Turkish cuisine. The use of meat, vegetables, dough and dairy products is predominant in it. It is one big Hot Mess. 


Heavy Food

Serbian food is considered heavy although its very delicious. Certainly when there is meet and bread included its not gonna be very healthy as Asian food that is based on Veggies, Fruit and Rice. If you are in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, You are good. There are plenty offers of food out there. There are restaurants that prepare Serbian food on a unique way. On a way that makes your stomach in line.

Our tip would be not to get addicted to Serbian bread and Serbian Bakeries. Easier sad than done.



What is the most Typical Serbian Food?



Ćevapi (Cevapcici)

One of the most Typical Serbian Food of Balkan folks – there are many variations of recipes but the result is the same. It’s grilled dish of minced meat. It’s served in a flatbread, also known as lepinja or somun, and it’s best with chopped onions on side and with Kajmak. If you ask the locals what you should try they will  say Cevapcici. You can find them in almost every restaurant in Belgrade. At Fast foods as well. Preparing them is easy peasy. We are sure that after trying them that you will fall in love. Might seek for a recipe to prepare them yourself. Recipe is very easy and preparation is not difficult at all. You will have absolutely new dish to brag about to your friends on dinners! Anyways we made a list of best places for cevapi in Belgrade. Check on our list where is the place. Cevapi are standing strongly at the 1st place among TOP 10 Serbian Foods!


top 10 serbian foods cevapi-01

This is how will your place look alike. Usual Portion size of Cevapcici.




Kajmak is on the TOP 10 Serbian Foods list. Kajmak is a traditional Serbian dish. The most delicious one is made in private households and you can always find it at our food markets (pijaca on serbian).  It’s made of unpasteurised and unhomogenized milk. Like some type of unripened and “new” cheese. Gets along perfectly with cevapcici or with any other meat dish. You can also eat it by itself with flatbread.


top 10 serbian foods kajmak




Karađorđeva šnicla (Karadjordje’s schnitzel)


Dish is named by the Serbian prince Karadjordje and represents real royal meal! Schnitzel can be veal or pork which is rolled and stuffed with kajmak and after that it’s breaded and fried. It’s definitely must try meal while you are in Belgrade.


top 10 serbian foods karadjordjeva-snicla

Absolutely Yummy!



Sarma (Cabbage rolls)

Sarma is the queen dish of Serbian cuisine! Spiced up minced meat which is rolled in sour cabbage leafs. The roots of this delicious meal goes all the way back to Ottoman empire. Even today popularity of this dish is still on a highest level.


top 10 serbian foods sarma

Sarma (Cabbage rolls).



Musaka (Serbian style Moussaka)

Well, similarity is next to ordinary Moussaka – have layers and includes meat. It’s made of layers of potatoes instead of eggplants, and we use our mix of spices. It’s always great with season salad and glass of good wine. Enjoy!



Musaka! Heaven on Earth!



It is a type of relish side Serbian dishes which comes well with almost any meal. Represents the perfect combination of red bell peppers, garlic and eggplants. You can hear that Serbian folks call this relish a “serbian salad”. Food Tourist first question to locals often is: “Where to Find good Ajvar?” Ajvar is the most interesting of all out there. We think that Ajvar is on the TOP 10 Serbian Foods list.


top 10 serbian foods ajvar



Mladi sir (Cottage or Curd Cheese )

Serbian cottage cheese is type of cheese with low fat milk. With neutral taste and also goes perfectly with any meat meals. The best one is made at private households. Easy to find it on Serbian food markets. Ask your local Buddies about Gibanica sa sirom ( Serbian traditional meal made with this type of cheese).  Do not get to much of it if you are going to party  at some of the most popular Belgrade clubs!


Kobasice ( Serbian Sausages)


There are so many types of sausages that we can open another topic only about that. Some that we Highly Recommend are:

  • Srem sausage (Sremska domaca kobasica)
  • Blood sausage (Krvavice)
  • Kulen
  • Head cheese (Svargla)

Some of them are for frying, and some of them you can eat like cold appetizers. Tip: fried ones goes perfectly with the beans! Bon Appétit!



top 10 serbian foods srpske kobasice



Pljeskavica ( Serbian Hamburger)

One of the most famous Serbian food among the locals and among tourists is Pljeskavica. Grilled and spiced meat (mixture of pork, beef or a lamb) is served in somun or lepinja (types of the flatbread). Entering a Heaven would be of you ask for additional Ajvar, Onions and Kajmak. They all blend well with this dish. Order IT! You wont regret it and you wont stay Hungry!

If you are wondering where to get a tasty Serbian Burger better know as Pljeskavica, click here. Some of the best places in Town.



top 10 serbian foods pljeskavica

Serbian Burger, Pljeskavica or Pljeska.



Variant of a pork rinds, it’s a pork crisps or chips made of fat thermally extracted from the lard. Popular in balkan cuisine, you can find it in almost every household during the winter. Salty and crispy! Definitely something that you will love at the first bite.


top 10 serbian foods cvarci



We hope that you enjoy our little guide across TOP 10 Serbian Foods, enjoy your meals!