Top 15 bars in Stari Grad


Stari Grad or Old City is one of the oldest and nicest neighbourhoods in Belgrade.


Good to know: For many people Stari Grad includes Dorćol and Savamala area.


Jazz bašta

With it’s cosy ambient Jazz Bašta presents Belgrade’s little heaven for Jazz lovers. Long selection of wine, live jazz, and friendly waiters will make your experience here remarkable.

15 Top bars in Stari Grad

Red bar

Red Bar is located in one of the most beautiful bohemian streets of South East Europe – Skadarlija.


Jazz caffe


Highly Recommended for jazz lovers or for those who love to enjoy in pleasant ambiance.


Irish pub

In the City Centre, located at Obilićev Venac Street, there is a place for beer lovers. Irish Pub is well known for large selection of beers and good music.

Boho bar

Boho Bar is probably the most exotic bar in Belgrade. If you are searching for a place to enjoy and feel free, Boho bar is freedom itself. Sit on the pillows, walk barefoot, listen some nice beets and drink refreshing cocktails. At Boho, you will enjoy panoramic view on the Belgrade Fortress at the one side and at the Old city and Danube River on the other side of the bar. This place works only on summers and it is open sky, so if it is rain, they will be closed for guests.

15 Top bars in Stari Grad

Brkati pab


Brkati Bar attracts fans of beer from all around the world. No doubt you’ll enjoy their incredible beer offer.


Square five

Is new opened modern bar. This bar is made for sport lovers and lovers of social games. During the day you will be able to watch the games, or play games with your friends. You have to try their great food, it is so tasty. At night you’ll be able to enjoy acoustic live music with amazing view on Republic Square.

Witch bar

Is famous for it’s great atmosphere and even better cocktails. The space is full of details associated with witches. You will get your drinks in a bowl, and you may order some interesting named drinks like Bat wings, Superman, Hulk, Lost thunder.


Kandahar is well known for its Oriental Music, Nargile, Cool and Cosy Pillows and long list of teas. We suggest you to try tea made out of sunflower or melon. You will defiantly Enjoy in great aromas and service.


Top 15 bars in Stari Grad


Rakia bar

Rakia is famous Serbian spirit made mostly out of fruits. Rakia bar offers more than 150 different Rakias. We recommend you to try one that is made out of honey or plum.


We all fell in love with the character Amelie from the same named movie. This bar will give you a feeling of Old and Interesting France. It’s decorated with many vintage details, flowers and lights, carefully chosen to remind you on good old times.


Bajloni bar & Beyond – Romantic place located near Skadarlija street, is perfect place to relax and do your work online.

15 Top bars in Stari Grad


Zaokret bar

Cetinjska street, is the street which you defiantly shouldn’t miss. This is Hipsters area, area where you will find plenty of bars located next to each other. Zaokret Is one of them and It presents a great bar for lovers of alternative music.


Dvoristance is one of the Cetinjska’s treasures as well. This place is famous for its good energy and good coffee.


Inspiration for this bar was same named pub, which doesn’t exist anymore, where open minded people used to meet and exchange their thoughts. Sofas and rustic details give this place old fashionable experience.

15 Top bars in Stari Grad