Top 5 museums in Belgrade

Museums in Belgrade gather and preserve objects and materials of cultural, religious and historical value. Museums might be a good source of entertainment. Museums helps Serbia to preserve and promote our cultural heritage. They are a storehouse of old art peaces, sculptures and objects related to History of Serbia. Our opinion is that everyone should visit at least one Museum while in Belgrade.

Among the all other activities in Belgrade visiting museums while in Belgrade should be on your To Do list!  The list of museums is long. There are many reasons why Tourists visit Museums. Some want to learn about History. Others want to meet the culture and art. Museums are excellent opportunity to meet people. There are 3 Types of Museums in Belgrade: General Historical, Art and Special.


6 Reasons to Visit a Museum while in Belgrade


  • Learn interesting facts about the Country you visiting
  • Engage and Educate yourself
  • You might get inspired
  • Its a effective way of learning
  •  Socialise and Engage with other visitors
  • Expand your Horizons



Check out the list of Top 5 museums in Belgrade:

#1 Museum of Contemporary Art

This building itself is already a piece of Art. Located at New Belgrade on the left bank of River Sava just across beautiful Belgrade Fortress. The architecture of the museum testifies to the interweaving of diverse influences, artistic and cultural tendencies, and social and economic forces. The new building of the Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most important achievements of the postwar Yugoslav architecture and important example of museum buildings in the former Yugoslavia. There are several exhibit collections: Collection of Paintings from 1900 to 1945, Collection of Paintings after 1945, The collection of sculptures, collection of prints and drawings  and collection of new art media (photography, film, video, etc.).

museums in Belgrade Contemporary Art
 In this museum you will find one of the most interesting art galleries in Belgrade.

#2 Nikola Tesla Museum

Born and raised in the Austrian Empire Nikola Tesla was  known as inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system. This museum is dedicated to his life work. Visual and interactive museum will help you to understand his genius mind.

Where is Nikola Tesla from? You will hear mostly Croats and Serbs arguing about this subject. History Books tell us that he is born in Austrian Empire. Today that part is a part of Croatia. His Father was a Serbian. And he went to USA and become an citizen over there.

Tesla was from a family of Serbian origin. His father was an Orthodox priest. His mother was unschooled but described as highly intelligent. As he matured he displayed poetic touch, remarkable imagination and creativity.


Top 5 museums in Belgrade

Urn of Nikola Tesla is located in Belgrade


#3 Museum of Yugoslav History


Once upon a time in Yugoslavia. Country that most of us remember as a golden times. Yugoslavia was well respected both from The West and EAST. Never took a side in a cold war. Tito was one of the fathers of Non Align movement. Yugoslavia managed successfully to balance between world powers.

Dont miss this experience! Museum of Yugoslav History belongs among the Top 5 Museums in Belgrade! Located in the Dedinje district, it chronicles the period of Socialist Yugoslavia as well as the life of Josip Broz Tito. Tito’s grave is located in one of the Museum buildings (the House of Flowers).  Find out interesting fact about former Yugoslavia. History, buildings and museums will fascinate your knowledge. See Belgrade before democratic changes at the beginning of the third millennium.


Top 5 museums in Belgrade

The House of Flowers

#4 Military Museum

Located at beautiful sight in Belgrade, Kalemegdan fortress, Military museum is the most accurate witness of changes in history at this part of Balkans and wider.  The museum has over 3,000 ancient and modern items which include everything from Roman swords and helmets to items of modern war history.

Top 5 museums in Belgrade

Military Museum

#5 National Museum of Serbia

Founded in 1844, it is dedicated to the “protection, interpretation and promotion” of the heritage of the Balkan Peninsula and wider European history,  from prehistoric times to the present day. The largest museum in Serbia have a collection of historical, archaeological, numismatic and art objects at the main building (more than 400,000 objects).

Top 5 museums in Belgrade

National Museum of Serbia



Museum of Illusions 

This is the newest museum in Belgrade, and in no time become a hot touristic spot! They offer you an intriguing visual, sensual and educational experience with a handful of new, unexplored illusions. From kindergarten to groups of retirees, Museum of illusions welcomes and entertains all age groups. In fun and educational way, you will find out everything about optical illusions!


Top 5 museums in Belgrade Museum of illusions

Museum of Illusions


Not sure why?


Museum of AVIATION!

Not really sure why we havent added this Museum among the TOP 5 at the first place! It Belongs among the most popular ones! It is actually our favourite one! Bring your camera! At this place you will make some epic photos!

Museum of Science and Technology 

The main building is in the lower part of Dorcol. You can visit a research center and a lot of interesting exhibits – first cameras, old computers, instruments and machines gathered by various donors. There is a part of the museum especially for children in the ground level, where is located 150 different exhibits/toys from 1920. until 1970.


Historical Museum of Serbia

Museum is in the city center, close to the Parliament, with a lot of different exhibitions about history of Serbia and the Serbian culture. You can also find material evidence of the other cultures that inhabited these region from Middle Ages to modern times.