Top 5 restaurants in Belgrade

Top 5 restaurants in Belgrade

One of the most popular Belgrade activities is cruising around best restaurants in town. Our cuisine is tasteful, and lovable on a first bite. Mixes of our spices and dishes (over the history we embraced the best of many international meals) are for every taste. When you are visiting our capital it is important to pick the best of the best. We made a list of Top 5 restaurants in Belgrade, but not in the particular order:

Panta Rei restaurant 

Restaurant with mix of Serbian and international cuisine has a perfectly balanced meals, and really comfy atmosphere. Rich menu and beverage card will take your senses on a next level. 

Restaurant Ambar

Situated in Beton hall, concept of the Balkan cuisine is served as tapas style- that will give you opportunity to experience something absolutely new. Popularity of this place is growing every single day because of originality.

Tri Sesira

One of the oldest restaurants in our capital. Offers authentic experience of old Belgrade. Traditional music and original Serbian recipes will leave you breathless.


Lovac (Hunter) is considered as one of the best restaurants. Offers unique “hunter” dishes, this restaurant is famous among the tourists and locals as well. 


The restaurant is named after the Japanese word for cherry blossom and the base of the menu will be traditional dishes from Japan,China, Vietnam,Thailand and Korea.

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