Traveling Alone

Traveling alone in Belgrade is fun. The best way to meet others is exactly being alone. If you are in Belgrade for the first time make sure to know some things before you step at the Nikola Tesla Airport. Here are some tips that will save you from hassling:





Once u arrive to the airport get in the real Belgrade Taxi. Yes! Unfortunately like in other big cities around the world there are some individuals that are taking advantage of Locals and Foreigners. There is an area where at the airport where u can get a taxi ride from. Get a voucher and no headache. To the city center it will take around 30 minutes and will cost you around 20 euros. Same thing when it comes to the moving around Belgrade. Use an app or a real taxi. Notice; Shady Taxis are very often found in from of the popular Belgrade clubs especially at the ending party night time.



Where to Crash


Gornji Dorcol area. Which means upper Dorcol is the place to stay. Knez mihailova street and around the parliament. Its all considered as Old Town of Belgrade. Some people decided to stay at Belgrade Waterfront area. Check them all on Google and decide what does best work for you.



Traveling Alone in Belgrade

Traveling Alone in Belgrade



Where to work from



Bring your lap top and go to Kralja Petra street at Kafiteria. That place at the 2 floor is made for co working. Amazing coffee and ok food. Its for free and wifi is super fast. Another day if you want to team up with others click here to check some of the Co Working places.




Traveling Alone

Traveling Alone / Co Work in Belgrade


How is food over in Belgrade



Fast food or Belgrade restaurants. One thing is for sure. Food is everywhere. Every single street in Belgrade has at least one Food corner and a cafe shop. Its super funny you will see it yourself. And what’s even more funny they are all occupied. People love to dine in and to hang. Food prices are from 5-10 euros in a nice restaurant. Few euros for a fast food. Bakeries are super famous and they are the number 1 place where will you find the good food at.

Where to meet the cool people in Belgrade



Traveling alone is all about teaming up with the right crowed. Co Work and Nightlife. Hostel can be place as well but Hostels are not popular in Belgrade. People choose apartments and hotels instead. Knez Mihailova pedestrian street is another place to mingle around. Around Summer sunset time is when people meet up at the downtown square and walk to the Kalemegdan and back. You will see well dressed people, families and single people as well as many foreigners cruising around. Just smile to a person you like and you never know.  If you are anti social person? Traveling alone as anti social in Belgrade Serbia. We would suggest you to use Tinder and Bumble. That’s the last hope. Just joking 😉



Where to Party


Belgrade Clubs are awesome. Energy is so alive. You can choose between Mainstream Clubs and Alternative. Mainstream clubs are the most popular ones. Alternative summer clubs 20/44 is the must. Worm Up at Savamala area and at Beton Hala area. Check Summer clubs Leto and Freestyler. Winter club Money.

Make reservation before you go anywhere. Entrance is free but getting on a guest list is the must. Don’t get drunk before clubs, you might miss the chance to enter. Get to the clubs not later then 00. Well dressed with a good vibe and get ready to party hard. Belgrade at Night is there for you.