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Beside Medical University Urologist have at least 5 years of special training. After period of time Urologist choose their niche. Some specialise in Kidneys, Sexual health, Cancer or Reconstruction. Which Urologist in Belgrade to choose depends from issues you dealing with.


Are Urologist in Belgrade any GOOD?


Medical University in Belgrade is World known. Most of a Doctors in Belgrade Serbia are very well educated. Taking their work very seriously. SO, Simple answer is YES!

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Private Urology Clinics

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Private VS Public


If you are an Expat in Belgrade then you already know that there are Government Public and Private clinics. Government can be good as Private but there is a huge difference in service. Private Clinics offer easy access. Appointment over social media or whats app call. Offer English speaking staff that will answer to all of your concerns. Visible price list. And schedule time for visit.

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When should you visit Urologist?


If it’s not urgent you can visit your primary care doctor first. He might point you to the right Hospital in Belgrade. If your visit include Urologist, then we strongly recommend Private Clinic in Belgrade. Some of the symptoms that usually require specialist attention are:


  • Large Prostate


  • Pain the lower back or stomach that could indicate Stone kidney


  • Trouble with erection


  • Pain when you pee


  • Blood in the urine



TIPS TO Avoid Urologist


Going to a doctor is unpleasant for most of us. Living healthy and taking care of yourself will keep you away from Urologist.


  • Consume more Water. This can prevent Kidney Stones and crystal placement. Even if you don’t feel thirsty make yourself to drink at least one more liter of water than you usually do


  • Don’t use too much salt. Avoid Food and Drinks that include to much Sodium


  • Avoid Alcohol


  • Keep Hygiene


  • Practice Safe Sex


  • Less Sugars



How Much is a Urologist visit in Belgrade?


You might get free consultation over email or even phone. Visit will cost you from 5000 dinars (50 euros) onwards. Prices for treatments or surgery will be different from Clinic to Clinic. Make sure to ask for a price list before you head over there.

Tip: If you are looking to check STDs you can do that at a Urologist. If you want to check your Blood you can do at Medical Laboratory Clinics in Belgrade.



Urologist in Belgrade

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TOP 10 Questions for your Urologist Visit!


You might be dealing with this issues for the first time in your life. Don’t be ashamed. If you feel difficulties don’t postpone a visit. Here are some of the questions that you might need it once you reach a clinic:


  • What’s the reason for my symptoms


  • Why does it take long time to start urinate


  • Why I have a pain in my genital


  • Semen check


  • Why I don’t feel need for sex anymore


  • Do I need to check my prostate


Tip: Choose some of the Best Urologist in Belgrade. After exams follow what doctor have told you. Google everything and after all if you have additional questions write them all down. Be specific and address them to a doctor.


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