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Veterinary Clinics Belgrade! indo out about the best Vet Clinics in Belgrade! Everyone who has a pet knows how special they are to us. Pets are family members who give us unselfish love and brings us joy. A pet can even ease the sense of loneliness that some people have in isolation by forcing them to take responsibility and provide meaning and purpose to their lives. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the bond between the owner and his or her pet can have the same intensity as the bond between the two people.

It is very important to take care and regularly take your pets for check-ups as well as vaccinations, preventively, as well as when pets have health issues. Keep in mind that as humans, animals can have a problem with chronic diseases.


How much is a Vet visit in Belgrade?


How much does it cost to visit a Vet in Belgrade Serbia? If you are coming from Western Europe then it will cost around 5 times less. If you are coming from the Dubai Middle east then around 10 times cheeper. If you are coming from Soviet Union then around 2 times cheeper. Isnt that awesome? Having a pet in Belgrade? Alot of parks, good food for pet shops all over the city. Pet Friendly cafes and restaurants all over the city.


How many years does it take to become a veterinarian?

veterinarian is a doctor of animals. You would have to attend University of Medicine in Belgrade. It will take at least six years if you study hard. You will need to study on the English language till u dont get to know Serbian. After you get your licence you will be able to work in country and abroad.







Pet exams in Belgrade

Veterinary Clinics Belgrade! Your observation as well as regular veterinary check-ups can help to detect the disease, if it exists, right from the start. Very often case is that the disease is detected only in the advanced stage, since in the most of the cases there are no symptoms.

If your pet has a medical problem, more frequent checks are needed.

During the examination, the vet will take a detailed medical history, perform a detailed clinical examination to determine the condition, check body weight and compare with previous ones.

At least once a year, blood and urine tests, ultrasounds and blood pressure measurements should be performed.

In this way, the diseases can be detected at an early stage and successfully treated.

Pet vaccination in Belgrade

 Vaccination is one of the most important measures to prevent infectious diseases.

Micro chipping and rabies vaccination are legally required in Serbia. It is prescribed by our law that every dog ​​and cat must be marked with a microchip until  90 day , and that all dogs and cats older than three months must be vaccinated against rabies once a year.

Rabies is one of the most dangerous viral diseases for which there is no cure, so by regular vaccination you can protect your health as well as your pet.

Although vaccination in Serbia for infectious diseases is optional, every veterinarian will recommend vaccination as a protection against the disease.

Vaccination price ranges between 1000-5000 dinars (10-45e).

Before you decide to vaccinate, inquire about other people’s experiences with the clinic you are considering taking your pet to.

It is very important to choose the right Vet Clinic and to have a sense of security and to know that you can call somebody at any time and ask for help if something happens to your pet.

There is one Public clinic in Belgrade, “Veterina Belgrade”, which is more intended for the domestication or inspection of abandoned animals, but also receives animals that have owners if intervention is required. The clinic is fully equipped, has an operating room, a postoperative block. The clinic is staffed by veterinary doctors with specialization in surgery. The clinic is not open for 24 hours, but in the winter, when the temperatures are low, there are emergency numbers and night duty. They have modern emergency vehicles with all the resources necessary for successful intervention.

There are a few private clinics that work 24 hours.

It is always better to detect or prevent the disease in a timely manner than to treat the disease at an advanced stage.

Unfortunately, animals can not speak, they cannot call a vet, schedule an appointment, or tell where they feel pain. Therefore, good cooperation between owners and veterinarians is crucial to their health and happiness.

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If you are visiting Belgrade, don’t forget, to visit some of ours best Restaurants and to party hard in some of the most popular Belgrade Clubs. Lets hope that Veterinary Clinics Belgrade article helped you to get to know that our city is super pet friendly.