Visit the most popular night clubs in Belgrade

Check out the most popular night clubs in Belgrade. Serbian capital is known for great nightlife, and the reason for that are great clubs all over the town. In the city centre, on the river, underground clubs…everything you can wish for. Some of the recommendations are on our site, but the best recommendation is when you go outside and see so many young people who are geting ready to.


Belgrade is so interesting, that you can’t get bored, not even during the day, There are some great pubs and bars where you can enjoy all day long. But when the night falls, than you can feel the real Belgrade vibe.


One more great thing about the most popular night clubs in Belgrade are prices. For British standards (and standards for people all over the world) prices are incredibly low. the main dishes in the best restaurants rarely cost more than 10 pounds (more than 1,000 dinars), a fierce cocktails in the most famous bars range from 2.50 to 5 pounds (from 260 to 525 dinars), while for the beer should be distinguished from 1 to 1.5 pounds (105 to 160 dinars). Besides that, the entrance to the clubs is usually free, so you do not have to worry if the atmosphere or music in a place you do not like them because you can just go somewhere else. In some places reservation is required, but that is all.

Tourists can count on warm welcome from locals, becouse people in Belgrade are known as the kindest in the world. Welcome to Belgrade!

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