Wake-boarding in Belgrade

Serbia does not have a sea, but there are plenty of lakes and rivers. The most popular lake is placed just few minutes from the Belgrade busy down town area. Ada Ciganlija Lake is also known as Belgrade’s sea, and represents the most visited location during spring, summer and autumn. There are more than 100 cafe/bars and restaurants around the lake, which gives the special touch to this beautiful area. While you are there, you will definitely feel like you are on tropical vacation. Probably the best part of Ada Lake is that is crowded with many great activities! Perfect for cycling or rollerblading, circle around the lake is around 7 kilometers which represents an enough long track even for the most sporty ones! You can rent a bike there, and the same bicycle company may be found on a several locations in the city (Ada Lake, Zemunski Kej, 25. Maj) which gives you an opportunity to cycle around the city without a headache, in term you do not need to worry about where are you going to leave the bicycle.  There is also a bungee jumping for daredevils, but most popular activity is definitely wake-boarding. Wake-boarding in Belgrade

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This type of sport is suitable for everyone! For beginners, professionals, kids, youngsters, for everybody who enjoys fun times on the water! Even if you are first time over there, “Aquaski Ada” professional will help you to pop up and ride! Ski center at Ada is open during whole year and ski season starts from 1st of May and runs until 30th of September. During season time, thousands of beginners learn to ski every year. Ada is definitely among the most attractive locations in Belgrade, because lifts for skiing represent a first-class tourist attraction and unavoidable recreation and entertainment complex.

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Every year they have a special treat for all the ladies in town! Free ski school for all the girls who want to learn and become a pro on the water!  Skiing on the water is perfectly safe with the use of protective equipment (safety vest and helmet).

Price list:

1/2 hour – 15 Euros;

1 hour – 16 Euros;

2 hours – 25 Euros;

4 hours – 27 Euros;

Whole day pass – 30 Euros.

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