Walter Sarajevski Cevap

Walter Sarajevski Cevap

If you have done any research into Serbian food you will know that the “cevap” is one of Serbia’s national dishes. Otherwise known as a skinless sausage, loved by all and served with mouth watering kajmak.

“Walter Sarajevski Cevap” is famous for their cevapi and are know for being the best in the city. The menu consists of food from the grill, cevapi, pljeskavice, raznjici, chicken, kajmak, and a selection of salads.

It is a combination of restaurant and fast food, so you can grab your friends and dine in and enjoy the pleasant ambiance and a relaxed atmosphere, along with great service or if you are in a rush you can take-away. The best thing is that the prices are very reasonable.

Located in what was once known as “Belgrade’s silicone valley” Strahinjica Bana street in the heart of Dorcol, you must try at least once while you are in Belgrade, ask any of the locals and it will be highly recommended.



Sarajevski cevap