Belgrade Weather in January

How to dress to impress or how to dress not the get cold in Belgrade during January. Simple way to put it is to get yourself worm. Belgrade Weather in January is cold. It is wet outside and there is a strong chance for a wind almost every single day. But Hold on! There are some interesting and quite Unique things happening around this time.


Moving around a City Center


It is hard to walk around that’s for sure. Only short distance would be recommended. Traffic jams are common during winters in Belgrade. January is easier then other months though. December around New Years Eve is absolutely a disaster. Few days around the New Year expect to be chaotic with traffic. Walking around is still fine if not to much snow on a sidewalks.

Where does people Hang in Belgrade during January


You will not find people doing outdoor activities during winter months. Most of the people are either having meetings at popular downtown Belgrade coffee shops. Some are hanging at Restaurants and Bars. The most visited place are Shopping Malls. They are super crowded during the January in Belgrade. Hot tip: Parking at Malls can be a hard to deal with as well as getting a right Taxi ride.


Does it Snow in Belgrade in January?


Yes it does. Is there a lot of Snow? No! Its not bad at all. If you are looking for Ski and Snowboarding then there is plenty of snow at Kopaonik mountain.

Good to know: It happen sometimes that Januarys are without snow. Snow Cleaning in Belgrade is organised well by the city authorities.


Belgrade Weather in January

Belgrade Weather in January




Does Belgrade get snow?


Capital of Serbia, Belgrade is located at the South East Europe. Winters are mild compering to lest say Germany. We don’t get that much snow at the city. Still some mornings you can get surprised with beautiful white snow covering the city. B people mostly take it easy. That’s the slowest month in the Year. There is Catholic Xmas then New Year. Just 7 days later in Belgrade weather in January makes people to slow down with their activities. For the most this month is related to the family matters. At the first week of January there is an Orthodox Xmas. Just a week later you will get to celebrate Orthodox New Year. You might think that all of this happenings will make January a busy month. Its quite opposite. Ortodox Xmas is celebrated with a family at home. Ortodox New Year is not such a big thing believe or not.

Hot Tips: If you plan to visit Belgrade on January be prepared that it’s a low season for Belgrade Clubs and Nightlife. Not much Events going on either.